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  1. Well played sir! The spelling/grammar police would have a field day! Im surprised they spelt rolex right, might be the only correct word on there?!
  2. So i was browsing some hublots, as you do, when i saw something that really caught my eye: www.finewatches.cn/hublot-king-power-red-devil-chrono-skeleton-dial7750-coating-p-16608.html Mod edit: link deactivated. (please don't post active links to scam sites - we dont want to improve their google rankings by linking to them) Cant help but notice on the back 'Manchester united' is mirrored. I thought the picture may have been at first but no! All other engravings on the back are fine! Does anyone have one of these watches? Any other funny spelling or other errors? Sorry for not embedding the picture, im struggling to channel my inner bill gates today
  3. RWI'/ current state - Information and updates

    Bloody interweb!
  4. Is this a common problem with 2813 and 8015 movements then? Something to avoid for the future!
  5. The man who hates replica watches

    Clearly a giant wanker with nothing better to do! Plus, give the chinese credit, theyre producing a product looking a 90% plus on a good day for 1/100th (or less) the price! Polishing is even more of a bitch when your getting paid £1 per day...
  6. Welcoming the noobs 101

    Hi guys, also a member of rwi, noob to rwg. Any one know what happened to rwi by the way? Great work by the op!
  7. "ETA" replicas

    It might say swiss made but if also says rolex... where do the lies end!