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  1. Hello from the UK

    Yeah he seems like a good chap, make mistakes (still to determine how bad) but don't make a fuss about it. He's heading to a solid #1 on the T.N.S, time will tell !
  2. Complete noob needs advice

    Hi Wedders and welcome to the forum ! On the front page of the forum and in multiple section of this site you'll find sticky post, if you read them all (that not too long and very instructive) you will be able to answer most of the questions you could have. If not, feel free to ask your question after doing a bit of research on the forum using the search box.< Think about this sticky post like Wikipedia articles, they bounce to each other.
  3. Hello, i am the new one

    Welcome ! There's a lot of reading to do, but I'm sure you'll find what you are after !
  4. Hello from the UK

    Welcome mate ! I'm really not into this type of TAG but can't deny that this is a nice one ! Liking the Hulk ! Enjoy your stay here !
  5. Hello

    Make it 6 ! Welcome !
  6. That's some porn right there ! Beautifull work !
  7. Hanging out with friends

    Yes anytime you have to spare to that thing, don't worry. Grey and black bond strap.
  8. Hanging out with friends

    Reps in a Rep Cohiba box ! Love it ! It's seem you like NATO straps ? Would love to see the nice watch with the Bond theme NATO strap. Thanks for sharing !
  9. Laser Engraver.

    You can on metallic surface, but it's a long pain in the ... and the result isn't even great at the end (If your laser hasn't fried in the process) If you burn your hand with a DIY laser project, you deserved it ! Yes, the main grief is the app, you can manage to make it work with other app, but in the end, this is more a toy than anything else.
  10. BP Ultimate SeaDweller QC pic concern

    It's your order, you have to be sure that everything is fine. If you want another angle, it's perfectly fine, in that matter you only have to be nice with the TD. On the other the TD has to put this in his schedule so it can take a little more time, perfectly understandable. For now I don't see an issue with your purchase procedure, it doesn't seem that your TD is not going to provide you a new QC pics, so I'd say everything is fine for you and him.
  11. hi from nyc

    Welcome ! Why do you want to sell all your reps ? How many rep are we talking about ?
  12. Any 3D print hobbists?

    On a FDM (Filament, the most frequent one) printer this could be hard to reproduce if you're not used to work with a tiny nozzle and small parts. With an SLA (Less frequent and more expensive) printer, it's a piece of cake to do such a piece. You can also find a printing hub near you or a maker space that can do this for you : https://www.3dhubs.com/ Or you can request the service of 3D-printing company like : https://www.shapeways.com/ But for the last one it'll cost you more, especially if they have to design the piece for you.
  13. Laser Engraver.

    Thoses laser engravers start popping on Amazon also. They are done by reusing old (or new) DVD/BluRay engraver for computers (you can see all the part if you look closely). They work very well but there's only one flaw : the working area, you are very limited in travel distance so you can't engrave big surface in one shot, you have to be clever about fixing and registering your workpiece if you want to move it to continue the engraving process. They can engrave pretty much any material if you find the right setting, leather is definitely an easy material for that. The software is crap but do the work. You can see various tests on YouTube with keywords like "Mini laser engraver" they are pretty much all the same in this price range. Depending on what you want to do, or rather how much you want to do it, you better off looking on Aliexpress for bigger models (even on Amazon but they cost more). If you are handy and have an old DVD Burner you can easily do it yourself there's a lot of tutorials on the web to do so, they require hardly any skills.
  14. There goes the neighborhood

    Welcome in here Wingy !

    I can understand you excitation for sharing your QC pics, be sure to update your post when the watch arrived with your own photos.