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  1. LOL. Found a local guy said he would charge $20 for a new pin, can buy a new band for $25. This is my daily wear beater watch - its sees lots of dirt and is due for a clean and polish :)
  2. The pin that holds the lock on my oyster band lost its head, on my JKF 5512. Should I just replace the band or is this something that a local watch shop would fix? Should I be concerned taking a watch like this into a place to have it serviced? Cheaper to just buy a new bracelet than to have it fixed? Thanks D.-
  3. Cheap Rolex

    I bought a 5512 from Marvelous. Its a JKF unit and I couldn't be happier. It keeps great time ( much better than my Orient Ray did) and has proven to be quite durable. I always like the plexi chrystal, as I tend to scuff them up. All it takes is a quick polish and it looks great again.
  4. I must have hit something an nicked the black finish on the bezel insert on my JKF 5512. Where and what is a good source to replace it? Its a daily wear watch and subject to getting kicked about, so don't need anything super genuine. Just not sure if I can use standard 5512 insert dimensions when looking for a new one.
  5. It just arrived yesterday, vintage 5512 from JK Factory. I out it up against my original 1965 era 5512 for a comp. I am hoping it holds up in daily use.