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  1. Ssteel - RepGeek - Are you buying this?

    I have not dealt with the guy, but come on , give the guy a break. I feel sorry for the chap, stop busting his balls.
  2. TC Sub LV Extreme, $739?

    hah, bullshit
  3. Use a compass to check if your watch has been effected.
  4. Trusted dealer / cracked bevel

    Agree, whoever repaired that should replace your bezel, bad they sent back like this.
  5. WHere to sell my used rep/?

    It has been quiet here lately.
  6. TC v6 bezel assembly sitting high?

    My tc is the same, and is still ok swimming.
  7. Anyone work on a SA3135?

    Well done
  8. Rolie rebuilt Fiddy, on the way here!

    Whats going on with those hands?
  9. Anyone work on a SA3135?

    You sure its a Sa3135 and not a 28** movement dressed as a 3135?
  10. Problems with a Trusted Dealer: Seeking help from Mod(s)

    Switch and bait anyone?
  11. Chronometer in QC shows lower beat rate than what I paid for

    I disagree in part, whilst I agree that the mods can help, the dealer should be trusted enough not to lie to a customer, and to show a customer images of a watch they clearly had no intentions of shipping to them, I have been seeing this more and more, and feel we deserve better from these so call Trusted Dealers, maybe remove them from the td list, probation, but to rule this shit out in the future, all dealers will need to be rescreened, or vetted to a degree where they are held responsible and puniched, which in itself should stand as a firm warning to other dealers to not try and pull the shit with us, the paying customers..
  12. Chronometer in QC shows lower beat rate than what I paid for

    I admit, I keep reading over and over of shady things from these so called Trusted dealers, I cant work out how they get away with it, oh wait, rock and hard place.
  13. Chronometer in QC shows lower beat rate than what I paid for

    There is a 17j 7750 which is low beat I think.