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  1. Hi there. I love the design and size of the DSSD, but for some reason I am not comfortable with the OGEV/RLS text on the SS version. I was totally kicked when the ProHunter PVD version was released and bought one from Sead. I wrote a thread about the different versions of the ProHunter rep somewhere here. As for the noob DSSD ProHunter, I’ve always thought the rep PVD on the ProHunter was a bit too shiny (probably due to the fact its not beadblasted prior to coating), and have always lusted after a matt DLC DSSD – the kind of DLC that Avitt is (was?) famous for. However as you know those are rare as hens teeth now. To my luck I ran across one such custom watch on one of the rep fora M2M sometime last year and snapped it up. The original watch modded by Pbdad had the following specs: Noob DSSD V5 Swiss ETA Sandblasted and DLC'd by Avitt Stealthed datewheel overlay Double AR sapphire crystal Completely sterile caseset (All Rolex markings removed from caseback, crown, between lugs). Waterproofing The watch was shipped off to Kenny (Matej) for a good deal of customizing including his nuclear lume, a dial swap, and a bit of paint. The whole procedure with Kenny was spot on, excellent comms, he anwered a lot of my stupid questions with great patience – and really quickly, and I couldn’t be more satisfied, he is a real stand up guy. Kenny, if you are reading this - much appreciated for everything! Kenny’s mods: Swap dial to V7 DSSD dial Satinize new dial Relume hands, markers, rebuild and relume pearl Paint seconds hand and bezel indices bright yellow Waterproofing Here is what I was looking to achieve: this is a gen I believe. Here’s some pics of the work in progress and how it looked once Kenny was done: I decided to go a bit more tactical on it and stripped the yellow off the bezel insert. I had initially planned to do the PPP mod on the insert, but kind of liked the look of the bezel insert without any paint on it, and thats how it is now. Looks awesome coupled with the double AR crystal - the dial and that yellow seconds hand just pop, even more so in the sunlight. Wearing it on a black Cudafrane strap (Benarus), as I like the look of the strap on the watch and the Cuda is a little stiffer than the Isofrane. As you can see I chipped a bit of the DLC off the lower lug at 7 o’clock just below the bezel, while attempting to get the bezel off. I was trying to get the damn thing off so that I could tighten it, cos its so loose it would turn if the wind blew strong enough. Lesson learnt and did the floss trick, so now it turns both ways. Can live with that, at least now it sits pretty firm and doesn’t rotate easily. I am anal about the pearl at 12 so I have gone from adjusting it like 20 times a day to almost none now. Just need to look into getting a matt black pen to cover up that ugly chip. So here are some pics of my tactical DSSD Code Yellow. Cheers T
  2. Side by Side : Noob v4 Sub and Gen

    Got mine in from Sead, very happy with the build quality and the lume is great. Was a bit concerned about the rehaut considering all the macros and comments but have to say I don't mind it at all (I don't have a V3 for a side by side comparison )
  3. Old & Cheap Submariner Pics

    Man it's amazing to see how far the reps have come in 15 years.
  4. aaaaaaagh Parcel attacked

    Is this kind of thing applicable only to Royal Mail or DHL/Fedex as well re UK customs?
  5. Show off your DSSD mod!

    And let us know what the mods are and who did them!
  6. As there does not seem to be a thread dedicated to the DSSD Prohunter variations, hopefully the following details will be useful. In case anyone is unaware of the Prohunter line, this was the brainchild of a vintage Rolex dealer, well known in gen Rolex forums. The older members will know who I’m referring to. Let us refer to him as ‘KC’ since including his name in this thread may provide this as a search result in any search engine for anyone typing his name. And I certainly don’t want to attract unnecessary attention to a rep forum. I’m sure most of us know that the gen fora know rep forums exist, however I don’t see the need to frantically wave a red flag in their direction. So….one fine day, KC decided that DLCing certain Rolex models (SD,DSSD,Daytona,etc) and charging a 30-40% markup over the MSRP would make good business sense, and people would be lining up to buy these ‘modded’ Rolexes. Well, he was right. 100 models of each line were created (I can find no references stating there were more than 100 in each case) and sold, presumably to people who had more money than they knew what to do with. Keep in mind, these models are not warrantied by Rolex – as soon as the base Rolex model was modded by applying the DLC coat, this was considered to be out of Rolex warranty terms and conditions. So these Prohunters can no longer be sent in to Rolex for service/repairs, Rolex won’t work on them. Ok, enough history, back to us. Now in this thread I will focus on the DSSD model. You are fully entitled to ask why I should focus on the DSSD only, of course. Well because: A. I like the DSSD Prohunter. A lot. No, seriously. B. Because Charlize Theron has a DSSD. And I like Charlize. A lot. Drool. Now where were we, ah yes, the DSSD Prohunter. With no offense to any DSSD owners, I love the size and look of the DSSD, but I couldn’t bring myself to buy the SS rep because I can’t stand the OGEV/RLS script. It just doesn’t work for me, maybe I’m funny that way. So when the factories released the Prohunter version – where the script is present but practically invisible thanks to the DLC coating, it was a no-brainer. The gen DSSD Prohunter was made in a run of 100 watches. There are always questions on the dials offered by the rep factories – is the single red version correct? Should I have bought the double red, was it more authentic? Are all of the rep versions fantasy models? Will my DSSD Prohunter rep look like a 1:1 to the gen? Let me try to answer some of the questions to some extent. First: Will my DSSD Prohunter rep look like a 1:1 to the gen? Short answer: At present, no (more on this anon). Long answer: Considering the gen was made in a run of 100, and has at least 6 different dial variations that I have found (and there may be more), that means each gen dial version exists in a set of about 16, assuming 100 watches/6 dial versions. So in the long run, if the factories correct all the errors, you will have a 1:1 rep to a gen of which no more than 16 exist in the entire world (considering nothing tragic has occurred to any of them). May the force be with you while walking down a dark alley. I have found the following dial versions for the gen DSSD Prohunter. The dials range from a single line in red (Sometimes DEEPSEA, sometimes PROHUNTER), double line in red, and even three lines in red. Also, on some dials, Prohunter is shown as PRO-HUNTER, whereas on others is shown as PROHUNTER. I imagine KC and team decided that having the same dial on a 100 watches wouldn’t make sound business sense if you wanted it to be unique, no. A Phantom (fancy name for stealth IMO) DSSD Prohunter also exists: I could not get a pic of the gen DSSD Prohunter caseback, but it should be similar to the gen Milgauss Prohunter caseback shown here: Another company (completely unrelated to the Prohunter company) in collaboration with the family of Jacques Piccard also released a DLC version of the DSSD, of which 86 were made. Here is a pic of the gen. Note that the JP DSSD does NOT feature the word Prohunter on the dial. And here is the gen Piccard caseback which is familiar to all those who own the rep DSSD Prohunter: Phew, with all that out of the way let’s talk about the rep versions available. The rep factories released the Prohunter in two dial versions: one with a single line (DEEPSEA) in red as follows, this is a correct gen dial version: And the other with two lines in red as follows, also a correct gen dial version: So BOTH versions of the rep have the correct dial. The caseback however is another story altogether. This is the biggest flaw on the rep watch (both versions), as it comes with the Jacques Piccard caseback, which is unrelated to the Prohunter as I mentioned earlier. However I suppose this can be remedied to some extent by replacing the Piccard mid caseback with the grey mid caseback from the SS DSSD. I have not seen a PVD DSSD with the word Deepsea in red and no Prohunter on the dial – that would be the correct dial for the Piccard. I hope this was of some help. Cheers, T
  7. TD for SMP Chrono Diver Caseset

    Anyone got a busted smp chrono for sale? Glad to take it off your hands!
  8. TD for SMP Chrono Diver Caseset

    Anyone got a suggestion for a TD who can supply the rep Omega SMP chrono diver complete caseset (either blue/black bezel) minus dial,hands,movement? BR T
  9. Hi Ale, though this thread is only for watches that have not been repped before, is there any chance they will re-rep the 225 Slytech? These are impossible to find in the member sales section on any forum, bet Noob could make a killer A7750 rep - and no sunken datewheel issues either. Best, T
  10. Omega PloProf 21J (v1.5 / 2)

    OK it finally got here couple days ago and looks the business and is keeping great time too...swapped the stock black rubber for a Bob shark from of my Pams... Cheers
  11. Omega PloProf 21J (v1.5 / 2)

    Thanks Kenny! Ok'd the pics, now waiting for it to arrive
  12. Omega PloProf 21J (v1.5 / 2)

    Hi, Received my QC pics, need some advice...if this is not the right place,Mods pls let me know where to post this instead. Does the dial look tilted to the left here, it does to me.... The second pic is the same as the first, I just cropped it and rotated it a bit. Thanks a lot guys
  13. Omega PloProf 21J (v1.5 / 2)

    Have you tried in in the shower etc? God forbid...the pool? BTW ... your incoming made me go
  14. Omega PloProf 21J (v1.5 / 2)

    Erm....ask the dealer before you buy it? thnx for ur help, i think i can comeup with this solution myself.So if u dun know anything then plz dont reply. Relax mate, probably didnt come out the way i meant it... I meant most of us got to go with what the dealer says on this. That's what I'm doing with the 21j I have just ordered, dealer says two piece with better sealing than the V1, so I'm taking his word for it. In case I have lamination issues somewhere down the line....then I got screwed.