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  1. Selling my Replica

    If you had an account contact the admin and give them the details, if it existed they will be able to sort it
  2. Opinion needed on Patek 5711 A2824 HBB

    Think you might need to refresh yourself with some of the new member threads. QC are not allowed period.
  3. Opinion needed on Patek 5711 A2824 HBB

    There's no such thing as a Miyota 2824. And those look suspiciously QC pic to me
  4. is this a good fake rolex daytona

    As said already the onus is on you to research as much as you can before making your decision, QC is not for that purpose. We're not your personal shoppers
  5. Newer clones have the correct curved cutout so this can no longer be a reliable tell. If the rotor isn't swiss then the movement can't be NOS ETA as that would come with gen Swiss rotor so I expect this is likely a Swasian movement
  6. If you think these posts are angry and negative I would suggest you may want to consider if you wish to be a member of this forum. You need to grow a thick skin round here, and these posts are exceedingly polite and mild in comparison to what does get posted here.
  7. Free physics lessons with every rep? Now thats top notch service right there
  8. looking to buy a 5970 rep from a TD

    Start reading the new members threads on the main page, particularly the one titled "Where can I find xxx" This is not Amazon, better to understand how things work before jumping in. And this section is for reviews, as hinted at in the sub forum title....
  9. I noticed he said it shouldn't be done rather than can't be done. The cynic in me wonders is the next post going to be where our new member offers services to members? Not that this would be necessarily a bad thing (once it's agreed with the board admin), but advising people to not do it themselves would be a good way to try to generate a customer base if that was the inclination...
  10. Without intending to disparage your experience or comments, I find it quite amusing that you begin the post talking about these watches as if they are the equal of, and treated like, delicate gen mechanical watches, then flip it around and say "remember guys, it's a replica" Quite the contradiction. Conversely, you have disparaged the experience of all the members here by posting this as if you know better and have such experience as a 2nd generation jeweller, yet by doing so you completely dismiss the experience of thousands of members here. Our experience is primarily with reps, therefore we know what to expect and how they can arrive with varying degrees of cleanliness internally, and quality issues. Have you received your first rep yet? Well, then please allow for the simple fact that many members here have far more experience with reps than you currently do, and refrain from disparaging their experience because you believe you know better. You very well may know more, but you may not necessarily know better in consideration of the fact that these are replicas and not the gens you are used to. Gens of course also can have problems, so it should be considered that reps may also have problems, but conversely they can also be very good. You will probably discover the majority of members here probably know far more about watches than the majority of gen owners, it's a requirement of the hobby to be honest
  11. Selling my Replica

    Starting well, first post immediately on joining saying you want to sell, and even posting what the rep is that you want to sell. Can be construed as many things, inciting back door sales is one of them. This is not eBay, it's not a dumping ground for whatever you may want to offload, mint or not so mint. It's a forum, selling here is not a right, it's a privilege and it needs to be earned Maybe you should read the welcoming PM you get upon joining
  12. Has anyone have a replica like this?

    If you really think a sub dial working not exactly as gen is ridiculous then back away from reps and stick to gens. Either that or I've got a bridge I would like to sell you, I'll throw in a free Swiss AAA 1:1 exact copy replica as a bonus just for you
  13. Need help with versions, makers and descriptions

    There is a thread here somewhere that goes through the different factories, why they're named the way they are and which watches they are renowned for. The search might not be working with the new site format but have a browse and you'll probably find it