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  1. TD ore one of these sites for an Omega in UK?

    Good luck getting it for Xmas. You really need to do your reading, this is not a personal shopping service, the more you read the less disappointed you'll be when it goes wrong, and it will definitely go wrong if you don't do your reading first. #3 potential
  2. Ssteel - RepGeek - Are you buying this?

    ^^^ This . So very much this
  3. Ssteel - RepGeek - Are you buying this?

    Dear sweet Jesus, if he's not booted from the Geek and everywhere else then they are as complicit in his scamming. First listing pulled because the movement wasn't genuine, then he relists with the parts being ETA (making it apparently ok) and listed back at the original price after dropping over 1k in the first thread.A And the horseshit about buying from one customer to sell to another customer. Best bit is, "I'll direct my customer to this thread so he may comment". If they can see the thread surely they can fucking sell it themselves? This is schoolboy stuff, how he is still a member is beyond me. Complete and absolute cunt
  4. New here

    And the admin have seen all the tricks in the book so postwhoring never gets past them!
  5. Or a Gerlach http://gerlach.org.pl/97,.html
  6. First Rep- AP 15300 BP blue dial

    Postwhoring like this is only going to get your post count reset......
  7. WHere to sell my used rep/?

    Think OP thinks we're RWI...
  8. Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales

    Big fan of the TimeBum myself Davosa is missing there , code BLACK FRIDAY gives 24% off
  9. Complete noob needs advice

    There's a new member section, you'd be well advised to go and read the stickies there before doing anything.
  10. Tudor Help

    Adding that being the shield dial the second one will have the new rivet bracelet Really though, a couple of minutes to actually look would figure all this out
  11. Jesus Christ Elvis, you're a talented artist but you are such a drama queen. I used to think you got a hard time when you didn't necessarily deserve it but this petulant childish bullshit you've been carrying on with lately, you are just creating drama for no reason. Changing the thread title multiple times to make yourself appear a victim? Deleting your ridiculously obvious OP? You should change your nick to EltonFreak and buy a tiara. Honestly you should exit this forum until you sort out whatever shit is going on in your head, and maybe try to grow any skin, never mind thick skin. This thread would not have evolved the way it has if you hadn't thrown your toys out
  12. Such a BS toss the toys out response. It's common knowledge to anyone here more than a wet week that you cannot rely on any rep to be waterproof out of the box and simply asking the question after been here as long as you have is going to get that response. Expecting anything else is plain deluded
  13. If you want info about intime go to RWI, nothing here. As to your other questions there are so many threads here that will answer them, these questions are asked so often memebrs get sick of seeing them so you're better doing your own reading
  14. and the countdown to the first new account for this banned dickead starts now......