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  1. Cheap 5980

    Bait and switch I expect. Show the gen and then send the rep, hoping most people won't cop it
  2. New RWG Pass around watch

    Or better still if you're still in Dublin I'll take it for a while and then send it up to Simey. I can't believe you went to Temple Bar though.....tourist trap....
  3. Watch for cycling/gym , heart rate tracking

    Another vote for a Garmin, can't go wrong with the Garmin's
  4. Where can i buy good replica of Rolex

    Incomparable? Even to the feeling of being an obnoxious, arrogant, condescending cunt like you? Wow, must be very special then, just not as special as you Cunt
  5. Makara Sea Turtle cheap Massdrop

    That's a great price for a cracking watch. I have a hawksbill maroon version, solid watch
  6. REP OR GEN,

    Based on the potato photos of the movement the rotor looks to be the old style solid one, not the more recent one with the cutouts, you need to try to find out if that model came in earlier iterations with the older style rotor, that can be a major tell on some reps, older rotor style. Also, the chapter ring looks a bit out of alignment, (but could be just the photo angles) which doesn't mean it's not gen but would be something to make me think twice. Anyone can call themselves a jewellery store on eBay, if they have no bricks and mortar presence it could be a 14 year old in his bedroom for all you know. Check out their background, ring the store if it turns out they have one, all that helps to buy the seller which is the first thing you do in these cases.
  7. First time I will sell some watches here

    Try reading the PM and email you are sent when you sign up
  8. Shenzhen, China

    Many have asked the same previously. The search button is your friend.
  9. Can anyone identify whole sells this IWC rep?

    Jesus H. Read the new members thread and the stickies, particularly the "where can I find..." thread As for the make, you have heard of Google right? Or do you always expect others to do everything for you. It's easy, just type IWC in and have a look
  10. Kickstarter Watches

    I wouldn't necessarily agree, yes they're mainly microbrands or startups that may produce one watch and disappear, but certainly some of the brands sell well in the pre-owned market. I got a silverstone as well, was a bit disappointed in it, went for the blue and it wasn't what was advertised in terms of colour, and yes they don't sell well in the pre-owned market but I think thats because they under delivered. Many KS watches under deliver. I've had/have a number, the Hamtun H1 titanium diver was a steal. I have a couple of Marloe's, also very nice & well priced. I backed, and should be receiving soon, the Boldr Odyssey diver. Looks decent, will know soon enough. The River Watch Tiber was a nice super compressor style "dress diver" Some well known microbrands launched on KS, Zelos are very popular and make decent watches. Plenty of discussions in the affordables section of WUS. There is however, for every one decent watch, hundreds of utter shite watches on KS. You can get some nice stuff, but my advice is only buy what you really really like the look of, or from a brand that have run previously successful campaigns where you liked the end product, with the intention of them being keepers, because being unknown and microbrands limits their appeal in the pre-owned market.
  11. Trusted site?

    You saw the TD list so you should already know. You're not a very good troll
  12. Gen swiss mechanical movement

    They call those "Mushroom brands"....sprout up out of nowhere and involve and awful lot of shit
  13. Where can i buy good replica of Rolex

    Someone left the numpty gate open again. Stop feeding the troll....he's either a fool, a sock , or a bit of both. Or more possibly a complete shill for that shit website
  14. Is RWI Still Down or Malfunctioning???

    Wtf kind of BS posting is this