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  1. Eyebleach Warning

    Holy fuck! Is that a watch or a James Bond villain weapon?
  2. Photo review: New 2016 IWC 3777-09 by ZF factory with Prof AR crystal

    This. Haters gotta hate, trolls gotta troll. At least he's not SkankHunt42.
  3. Photo review: New 2016 IWC 3777-09 by ZF factory with Prof AR crystal

    Aw, shit on a stick! Man, if I have one complaint about this site it's that it gets me spinning around like that damn 1/6th seconds fuyoutwat hand on that JLC that other newb was just asking about. Like, 20 times already I've researched and compared and checked with TD's bc I made up my mind about the next rep I'm getting, and then I stupidly go wandering thru the review sections and I find something like this and :drool: :drool: :drool: all over my keyboard. Damn that is a beautiful Pilot. Now this HAS to be my next watch! Definitely. Unless...
  4. My little PAM collection...

    Wow, Daffy, that is impressive. There is just something about them that is too hard to resist. Must...shut...down...computer!...aagh...
  5. OMFG...those pics areso horrifying,but the comments to the tweet are just pure gold. Except the pic of the pork loin wrapped in string. Don't think I'll be able to eat that ever again. :hacknslash:
  6. In search of emoji enlightenment

    You're supposed to be guzzling, NOT rubbing it on your face.....you twat. If you can't follow simple instructions you'll never get the rookie "member" name off your signature. Well I called Mrs. Forrest and she said he's a regular Peter North, so looks like I'm gonna be stuck with that member tag.
  7. In search of emoji enlightenment

    None of your fecking business old son. If it was then you wouldn't have to ask. This should be the answer to 90% of the questions asked here. I'm on the fuck off committee. We have quarterly meetings that all end the same way: telling everyone to fuck off. Whoops, my bad then. I thought you were on the TAKE off committee, Geddy.
  8. Looks good! Especially paired with a set of these babies:
  9. In search of emoji enlightenment

    If you claim to remember a GTG, you weren't there. I like it. But luckily I've never been this bad
  10. In search of emoji enlightenment

    If you claim to remember a GTG, you weren't there. I like it.
  11. In search of emoji enlightenment

    Jeez. Try to make a joke and you get smacked down. Some testy lads on here. I thought RWG was supposed to be more easygoing and loose than RWI. I guess that emoji must relate to an early GTG that somebody would rather forget... :paddy_beer: :johng: :gayvikingmusic:
  12. Panerai Novelties 2017

    Dammit! That's another PAM rep I want. Who'd have thought buying fake watches could get so expensive?!?
  13. In search of emoji enlightenment

    Is that...strap gel???
  14. In search of emoji enlightenment

    How did Forrest earn this ? :johng: ??? Is it something to do with his "special protein aging process" for his straps? Should I stop rubbing them on my face? Oh, Wise Council of Elders, please bestow thy knowledge upon this humble newb.
  15. Panerai Novelties 2017

    Well, that sounds too good to be true, but what the hell. Any guy who has earned his own cuckoo clock emoji :iabounty:must be trustworthy. Speaking of people earning their own emoji's...[new thread]