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    All things luxurious
  1. Many thanks to all the respondents and participants in the luxury watch advertising and effectiveness research !! Greatly appreciated ;)
  2. Glasgow Summertime GTG 2017

    Pollok Park is it?
  3. Final days of the luxury watch advertising and effectiveness survey all participants welcome!
  4. I will stick the survey link here also to save trailing through the conversation thread to the top folks :) www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/6M2NWDH
  5. You have touched on the anti-laws of marketing here or the luxury strategies for luxury goods and how we perceive high ticket items like cars, yachts, watches and fashion. Its a vast, varied and interesting area!! Also (but your right not always) the price tag does reflect the time and craftsmanship of an item. A good programme to watch is the "watchmakers apprentice" if you can find it. Its a superb watch for any watch lover. cheers
  6. I felt it was cheating to mark you own a watch (when you only own the rep). There's a big difference between spending $20k and $300 of your hard earned cash for a device that gives you time and has a recognizable logo. If you only want to consider watches in terms of function and monetary value then your point would be upheld. However its rarely the case this happens and it is certainly not the only two aspects that influence watch marketing, branding and advertising. If a replica manufacturer did not want to benefit from the existing marketing and branding aspects contained in the watch brands advertising then they would not bother adding the brands unique features, they would be better off making a whole new watch. Also a logo and a brand are two separate entities. A brands logo on a poorly designed replica would be shot to bits and called into question on this forum, why? well that poor design despite having the right logo would question the identity of the watch and if the identity is called into question then so is the brands identity. If the brands identity is questioned then the illusion facet is diluted. And you are paying to create that illusion.
  7. RUSH2112 Replicas only cause me one concern and that is in relation to the functionality. A replica watch meets all the signal values and status criteria of an original providing those around are not aware it is a replica and this is obviously a great benefit at a lower cost. If you cannot afford a very expensive watch then why not have something that is nearly identical at a fraction of the price. Regarding my concern, a few hundred is still a decent chunk to spent on a an item that has a risk of not performing and functioning well but other than that it could prove a worthwhile investment. It is an investment nonetheless, replicas are not disposable, and a great deal of time and money can be involved in their purchase so they still hold a great deal of importance not unlike original model purchases. From a different perspective if you receive a replica as a gift or inherit the item then the financial aspect becomes almost obsolete. Due to the emotional attachment the watch can become priceless to an individual. The replica can hold more value to the individual than an original ever could. Also some replicas are so well made that they themselves become rare and sought after increasing in value post purchase. An associate of mine owns many watches in his collection yet the replica Cartier is one of his favourite because it has a great story attached to it.
  8. Hi JHolmeson The celebrity endorsement or product spec are both long term campaign strategies. The celebrity endorsement strategy is widely accepted as instilling an element of exclusivity and hence it was this lever that is of interest. Connoisseurs and ambassadors are used in the same strategy hence we focus on the leverage gained from the strategy and not the individual within. Unfortunately question 7 is not concerned with quality. It is concerned with the ranking of luxury branding cues used to compose a luxury advert. The three adverts all contain the same four brand cuing aspects hence this why you are asked to rank only these four. This is purely to facilitate the measuring of the branding cues and determine a strong and weak cue. Luxury is an entirely subjective concept with no concrete definition, it is irrespective of price or product specifications. If you own a luxury watch (rep or not) you can participate, something, somewhere at some point stirred you to make the purchase. Cheers
  9. Hi tabuktime yes I am aware of this and since the research has commenced there has been some changes to the scope due poor response rate within Scotland etc however as the survey is already live it is seen as bad practice to go an alter the survey itself. The data set was never intended to truly reflect the luxury watch consumer population precisely as it it is sooo vast and a frame on reference cannot be obtained. However the data can reflect a general consumer interest despite demographics etc. Many thanks for your participation and feddback!
  10. I will stick the survey link here also to save trailing through the conversation thread to the top folks :) www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/6M2NWDH
  11. Thanks to the survey respondents so far looking at some interesting outcomes!
  12. Which gaudy Rolex?

    Both and wear them on the same wrist like Hunter S Thompson.
  13. Hi RUSH2112 are you talking about brand representatives and/or retail representatives? The research at the minute is focusing upon printed advertising material specifically however there is scope for the research to consider the influence of such representatives in purchase intentions. This aspect would require a method of triangulation study between the consumer, brand rep and the brand advertising team which is more difficult and timely to conduct. There is, from my current desk study, a significant and important role to be played in the overall luxury watch purchase experience from the brand or store rep. And thanks for your participation, greatly appreciated.
  14. Thanks to the 9 respondents so far !!! Great to see such quick interest and others sharing the same passion as myself !!!
  15. Ok no problem just got a message to say to keep one message in a forum at a time! cheers