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  1. Why is Paypal good? Do TDs give a discount if you use it? The 8% discount for WU seems fairly typical - I would have thought everyone would want to use it because of such a big discount. You can do WU on your PC, so why not take the 8%? Am I missing something here? E2A: 10% discount for WU at ToroBravo seems to be the winner, especially as the price of the watch I'm about to order is $10 lower there than at any other TD.
  2. The £40,000 gen in motion on my wrist? I'll get back to you... I've had some nice gens in the past...a steel Sub, a Panerai ti submersible with a hobnail dial, an IWC Doppelchrono, a B&R Hydromax....but I wouldn't say they were any better than my humble BP, which certainly does have a cracking day wheel amongst other things! Really my gens were much, much worse than this BP, because they were such dumb ways of spending many thousands of pounds. Wearing them was a constant reminder that I'd got my priorities all wrong. And it bothered me that I risked losing lots of money just with normal wear and tear. I sold them all except the Hydromax, because it needed a new battery. Eventually I sent it away for a battery change, which cost a fortune because the watch is oil-filled and only the factory can work on it. Now it's living in a drawer, waiting to be sold. I do think it's rather wonderful that the combo of the forums and the clever-but-naughty Chinese means I can buy such a great watch for £250. It's all pleasure, no pain. Now I can buy another, and another....deep joy! Actually I've got 2 DH Gate cheapies on the way.... one is a fantasy IWC, the other is a 1.5 million dollar Patek. I'm laughing just thinking about it.
  3. Or I could buy the Noob as well. The TD has offered me $20 off. Then sell one of them on M2M. I like the BP more today - very dignified. Positively Presidential.
  4. I suppose I'm less worried about accuracy than colour. The BP is a drab grey-blue, the Noob is BLUE. I could live with the wrong weekday font and indices and case dimensions. And the wrong colour. Your pics of the gen are just indistinguishable from the BP...they really have done an amazing job. Quite extraordinary really. Why spend £40k on the gen....it would make no sense at all. Weeping dicks.
  5. I ordered the BP from InTime, they didn't make a mistake. But I saved the Noob to my shortlist on the Kuvarsit site. It's 100% my mistake, nobody else's fault. Just a classic noob cockup. How STUPID can you get. I've just sent en email to InTime to tell them what I've done. I don't know if there's a solution...I've been wearing the watch for most of the day. I haven't knocked it or scratched it, but it's still a second hand watch. Fuckity fuckity fuck. FUCK!!!
  6. Well, fuck me, I bought the wrong fucking watch! The Noob blue is wonderful! How the fuck did I do that??? The first time I shortlisted this watch was when I saw the Noob version at Kuvarsit. But I ended up a couple of weeks later at InTime and I picked the BP one. I never even realised that both watches are on the InTime site. FUUUUUUCCCKKKK!!!
  7. I'm going to keep it, get the Prof crystal, and sneak into some dealers in the hope of seeing a gen. There must be one of these somewhere in London. Only then will I pronounce a final judgement on this watch!
  8. I reckon the only way to learn is to buy, so I'll get the crystal and hope to keep the watch long term. I really need a Day-Date 40 in my collection, because a watch without day and date is not much use to me. And there are very few reps with a weekday function which I like. This one, a couple of IWCs, a Patek and..er...that's it. Anything else I buy will just be an evening watch, for when I don't care what day it is!
  9. Well, this is surprising...I didn't think my sloppy pics would sell the watch to anyone! I have to say that I'm enjoying wearing it..the look and feel of the bracelet are awesome.
  10. I do like the bracelet and the feel and the quality...if I can get a Prof crystal I think I'll be a happy bunny. I think the stock crystal really lets it down.
  11. Thanks. Maybe I also need new glasses! I'm hoping a 2AR crystal will narrow the gap between expectations and reality. I was looking at lots of pics of Prof's crystals the other day, and I'm thinking that a crystal upgrade is essential to every watch you want to keep, even A DH Gate cheapie which costs less than half of the crystal. And I was rereading the Deployant review of my Day Date. The photos seem very honest....must make a note to find 'real life' unbuggeredwith photos before buying another watch! https://www.deployant.com/review-rolex-day-date-platinum/
  12. {Sigh} I'd rather not retype it, would you mind rereading it?
  13. Well...super duper massaged pics are irrelevant to me. What matters is my enjoyment of wearing the watch. I don't live in a light tent.
  14. To black263: I think you are incorrect. I'm not posting the pic for the reason which caused the posting of QC pics to be banned. And the pic is essential to the thread. So I'm respecting the spirit of the law, while bending it. Refer it to a mod if you like.
  15. FFS. I can't even work out how to use the new fucking forum software to insert pickledbeetroot's quote before my previous post.