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  1. How to spot a fake Rolex...

    Yeah, those minimum wage people would much rather have a watch than a car or a phone plan or clothes or a place to live.
  2. How to spot a fake Rolex...

    According to a local barista, the green sticker on the back tells you it's real. That's how she decided my BP DJ40 is fake.
  3. Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales

    Over in the UK Amazon has 74% off this stalwart: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Invicta-24497-Mens-Watch/dp/B01N13J3LH/ref=lp_14072437031_1_10?s=watch&ie=UTF8&qid=1511553392&sr=1-10&nodeID=14072437031&psd=1
  4. Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales

    Here's your chance to save £16 on DOG SUNGLASSES https://www.heinnie.com/bens-dogshop-dog-sunnies-cool-ii
  5. Anyone wear a Deepsea Challenge much?

    I'm sure I read he wore the Challenge underwater. Oh well. It's a 5 year old PR stunt intended to sell the Deepsea, not the Challenge. Who knows what really happened, and what was just PR bullshit. They designed and built the Challenge in five weeks flat, which makes you wonder whether it's really the engineering masterpiece they claim. From a technical point of view i'm more impressed by my B&R Hydromax, which can go as deep as the Challenge but is smaller than a Sub. You could fit nine Hydromaxes inside a Challenge. But the Hydromax is quartz so I suppose it doesn't count. Maybe one day somebody will work out how to make an oil-filled mechanical watch. Here's a nice article about the Hydromax http://amjwatches.co.uk/blog/bell-ross-hydromax-11100m-review/
  6. Disappointing threads.

    I'm still in the Gulag over there. Got myself a life sentence. Which means I've got nothing to lose by shanking the odd guard...
  7. Anyone wear a Deepsea Challenge much?

    Two Challenges went on the dive, one strapped to the outside of the sub and one on Cameron's wrist. I bet he kept it!
  8. Anyone wear a Deepsea Challenge much?

    https://www.rolex.com/science-and-exploration/exploration-underwater/rolex-deepsea-challenge.html Under the sub-heading 'Watchmakers Under Pressure' it says "It would be up to them to place movements in the oversized cases of the five ROLEX DEEPSEA CHALLENGE watches". Note the "the " before the five, which implies this is not the first mention of "five". But it's the only one I can see.
  9. Anyone wear a Deepsea Challenge much?

    The Rolex site says they made five Challenges. Assuming that Cameron kept his, what are the plans for the other four?
  10. Disappointing threads.

    I keep wanting to make Rolexes that aren't in the official product range. Home-made fantasy watches, all with rep parts. Is there a word for that?
  11. Anyone wear a Deepsea Challenge much?

    But I need a weekday function on one wrist! OTOH, maybe it's too hazardous to the spine to have a Challenge on one wrist...it needs to be balanced out somehow...maybe I should wear both my DJs on the other wrist.
  12. Anyone wear a Deepsea Challenge much?

    Do you know the maker and movement and so on? The ones on the TD sites have such crappy photos that they all look the same. I was thinking of getting a BP for $300+, just to play it safe. But maybe the $140 ones are not significantly different?
  13. Own up, who else wears two watches?

    I'm now in the habit of wearing 2 watches every day. I have a DJ on the right wrist...I need a DJ at all times because the main reason I want a watch is to be reminded what day of the week it is. So if I only wear one watch my choice is severely restricted because so few have weekday. But if I wear two, my left wrist is available for anything. (Today it's my gold sub.) So I get twice the fun out of my collection! It's a no-cost upgrade to my horological pleasure! Nobody notices because at this time of year I'm always wearing long sleeves. Maybe on our next hot day, which won't be for 6 months, I'll be wearing a t shirt and two watches will seem all wrong. We shall see. I don't care what other people think, so who gives a shit? Flashy watches are jewellery, they're bracelets. If you're going to wear one bracelet, who says you can't wear two?
  14. Anyone wear a Deepsea Challenge much?

    Thanks, the photos in that thread are the best I've seen of the Challenge, they've convinced me that I have to buy one! I'd really like to make a bi-metal version of it, but I suspect it would be impossible to get the indices and numbers on the bezel plated successfully.