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  1. Mary has alerted me to this Venus 75-powered stunner! I had no idea it existed. 258 bucks for a most elegant cooking timer fits the bill perfectly - I'm a sucker for a fat gold Rollie! I love the trashy '70s feel to this one....it's what Paul Newman's character in Slap Shot would have teamed with his elegant leather suit. I'm afraid it's going to mean defecting from Toro Bravo. I'll feel bad about the disloyalty, but I can't order this from anyone but Mary after she's taken the trouble to help me out.
  2. A4130 - Is it the new one?

    I'm loving all this expectation! I'm also slightly puzzled by the enthusiasm for a 2 mm slimmer case. Does it really make such a difference? Is the too-thick watch awkward on the wrist? Aren't we being a little OCD about it? I know that everybody gets OCD about something on their Rollies...I can understand people being fussy about the SEL or the pearl or the cyclops or the fonts, but an extra 2 mm of case buried in the flesh of one's wrist is a funny thing to care about, especially when you willingly sacrifice a working chrono. I must be missing something.
  3. Toro Bravo website

    Hang on, just seen a wrinkle in the small print: "If you're using a credit card, a card-issuer cash advance fee and associated interest charges may apply. You can avoid these fees by using a debit card, If applicable."
  4. Toro Bravo website

    I haven't done it myself, but my WU 'send a payment' page says I can use 'credit or debit card'.
  5. Toro Bravo website

    Nothing stopping you from using a CC for your WU transaction. It may seem a strange, 2 step way of doing things, but as per my earlier post the discount from TB balances out the extra costs of using WU.
  6. Toro Bravo website

    +1 to that, at this time of day he often replies within seconds. torobravo dot sale at gmail dot com P.S. Check your spam folder. After you place the order, TB sends you an email. His shopping engine doesn't seem to do any transacting. Not for me, anyway, It's just a way of saying what you want.
  7. Toro Bravo website

    I find it incredibly fast and easy - I use WU. I've bought twice from TB, and both times it's been super-quick. I opened a WU account online in two minutes without having to do any verification. Then I paid with my VISA debit card and WU sent cash to TB immediately. My bank did not question this or delay it in any way. I had to pay a fee to WU, and they stiffed me with their exchange rate, which they like to make a fat profit from. But TB gives a discount of up to 10% if you use WU, so it pretty much evens out....so I ended up paying almost the same amount in dollars as the TB price for the watch on their site. I'm in the UK, I don't know how WU deals might vary wherever you are.
  8. Scrambled eggs, no. But a timer's good for boiling and roasting. I realise that's an alien concept for many Americans...I've been to so many homes where the cooker has never been used. Over here in Yurp many of us still like to cook fresh food.
  9. I often use a chronograph or a diving bezel as a kitchen timer. It's really handy. But day and date are also must-haves for me. I can never find a watch I like with all the functions I need. It's ridiculous, there are so many watches in the world but not one fits the bill. A gold sub with day-date would be my ideal watch. I was thinking about getting a gen CWC SBS as a substitute, but it looks a bit meh. So I might wear a rep sub and a rep DD40 at the same time. I already have the DD40 and the sub is incoming.
  10. Thanks Mary, I wasn't aware of that option. Interesting....
  11. Hmmm. I've just ordered a gold sub to slake my thirst. But sooner or later I will be compelled to buy a 7750 Tona and hammer the pushers day and night. I can't help myself. I love you and nobody else.
  12. OK, I give up, I can't work out what a 902 Daytona is! Perhaps you mean the so-called super clones which are supposedly made of 904L steel? Would you mind linking to what you bought?
  13. Chronometer in QC shows lower beat rate than what I paid for

    You're right, but I have a feeling that often when they make a guarantee it doesn't mean the same to them as it does to us! The language barrier and the cultural differences are bound to have us all at cross purposes sometimes.
  14. Chronometer in QC shows lower beat rate than what I paid for

    But maybe they were all honest mistakes made by Lawrence's subcontractors, who may be overworked and underpaid....maybe he's a stand-up guy but too busy to check on everything that his team are doing? Maybe we are wrong to expect Amazon service from a handful of people working in what we might perceive to be primitive/amateurish conditions? Do we really have any idea what's going on over there, with people we never speak to, in a society which is alien to us?
  15. But I love my Noob DD40! If the dealer had sent what I asked for I would never have had any gripes! I just wish I had originally gone with Toro Bravo.