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  1. Hey Folks. New here

    Trusted Dealer.
  2. Hey Folks. New here

    Welcome Prelude! Good to hear that you are planning to do some reading. I am pretty sure after you have spent good amount time reading sticky posts and feedbacks from our TD's you will feel much safer about buying a rep from online. Our TD's are trusted for a reason, so you can pretty much feel secure buying any of them. Just curious, what kind of watch will your first rep be?
  3. New... but not Noob-New

    Trigger has been pulled cant wait to get it on my wrist
  4. New... but not Noob-New

    Hahaha Damn... I already asked few TD's if they have it on stock. Awaiting for their replies.. Which TD did you aquire yours from? It sure is a beautiful piece!
  5. New... but not Noob-New

    Damn you trendconcept , I'm so close pulling the trigger on IWC Ingenier Laureus after seeing your pictures here. I really shouldn't be buying one right now, but damn it looks so good. I am really missing a piece like that from my collection.
  6. Genuine Wrist Check - August 17

    Little brother says hello to other Ebel watches @By-Tor@n18lld
  7. New... but not Noob-New

    Is it me or does the v6s bezel insert colour look closer to the gen than the current v7 does? Or is it just the lighting that gives that effect.
  8. Sub C genuine crystal??

    I agree with you guys too. Just curious how come they are having such a hard time copying the correct green bezel insert
  9. New... but not Noob-New

    Very nice collection you have there buddy!
  10. I Found Another One

    The watch is so ugly that after seeing this I need to pour acid on my eyes to get the image out of my head I'm curious though, what kind of feedback has it received in FB?
  11. 114060 Submariner No Date Replicas - Opinions?

    Just buy noob v7. It's a very nice replica. You wont be disapointed Here is my v7 hulk if you are interested to see how it looks.
  12. Introduction and help wanted

    Probably the only ones that ask you to remove your watch from your wrists are the ones who are just about to rob you
  13. New, and with a question!

    Oh wow.. now mate if you would spend 10minutes reading and exploring the forums you would find your answers. I will help you out but for your sake, check all the posts for newbies.