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  1. I used to hate Hooblow...but....

    http://kuvarsit01.com/hublot/fusion-bang-45mm/hublot-classic-fusion-early-gray-ss-black.7750-autochrono-grey-leather-band/ This one's pretty close.
  2. Panerai Straps

    What's available?
  3. Panerai Straps

    These straps are sick! I am looking at getting a Panerai in the next few months, definitely want to get one of these amazing straps to go with!
  4. My first Panerai rep, a PAM684

    Wow! I don't usually like Panerai.... but this is dazzling!
  5. I just got one of these myself! Enjoy it in good health.
  6. New week wrist check w/c 04/09/2017

     Super happy with the first piece.
  7. Breitling Strap choice

    Never did like wearing rubbers. It's a vote for the leather from me. I think the black with white stitching actually does a lot to let this watch float right there between casual and dressy. Also, contrary to popular opinion, I think the black strap lets that blue face shine! I'm a proponent of color scheming rather than straight matching.
  8. Ap quartz movement

    Stu, You're a proper gentleman and a scholar. I've got a couple watches on the way and look forward to sharing them and learning more as the hobby continues. Cheers, good sir. P.s. this is an astoundingly astute point: But I will say, I find a lot more helpful folks than arrogant ones on this board. So in all I'm glad to have stumbled across it.
  9. The article is clearly leaned. My "favorite" part is the three types of rep owners. What a joke! It's just oozing bias and closed-mindedness.
  10. Questions about Quartz APs

    Looks great, and with no ticking second hand. I'm starting to regret not looking harder for the quartz watch I wanted. Just ordered an AP 15400.
  11. Questions about Quartz APs

    Is this a quartz or a JF?
  12. Complete noob. Enjoying the forum

    I'm with these guys. Less than a month in and I'm already two reps deep. Blissful perils lie ahead. And btw, welcome!
  13. Ap quartz movement

    Condescension. It takes a particular type of individual to offer that tone to someone who clearly has less knowledge than them on a given subject (doesn't it clearly say "Newbie" under my username?), particularly when that individual opening a genuine inquiry. What was even the point of this post? Nevertheless, I found the information I needed - There generally isn't a sweep on quartz pieces. They tick; well actually some of the quartz movements might sweep but it's much less common. Hopefully if any newbies in the future find themselves with the same question I had, they can glean a little something from this thread beyond "Really......?"
  14. Ap quartz movement

    How's the sweep on a quartz piece?