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  1. Chronometer in QC shows lower beat rate than what I paid for

    UPDATE: Thanks to some mod help, they finally agreed to a return and full refund, so I quickly shipped the watch back to them with less worry of them scamming me again. UNFORTUNATELY HOWEVER, they have shortchanged me, refunding me less than the agreed amount that THEY specified themselves... So compared to a month ago, I have no watch, but less money as well. Essentially I have paid them to fuck around, lie to me, and waste my time for a month. I will try to get the remainder of it back, but I'm not too hopeful. EDIT: They sent me a transfer sheet that shows that they indeed applied to send back the full amount, but it seemingly didn't make it all the way through... Perhaps some transfer fees that they didn't take into account? In any case, I can only advise against dealing with lawrencewatch@gmail.com. Again, thank you everyone for your advice, I have read all the comments here carefully. You guys are the best and have made the best out of my misfortune (:
  2. Chronometer in QC shows lower beat rate than what I paid for

    Clock Tuner for Android has confirmed the 28,800 movement at least so it's good to know they didn't ship a 21600 A23J version. The watch appeared to be keeping time just fine last night, but when I woke up today at 10, the watch read 6:50AM and was still running, which means it stopped in the middle of the night and started up again (i wore it on my wrist to sleep so my movement must've gotten it going again). I am absolutely sure I gave it a full 20+ cranks at it yesterday. With a 40+ power reserve it makes no sense. I'll have to keep an eye on it throughout today and see what's up.
  3. Chronometer in QC shows lower beat rate than what I paid for

    Yep, in my very first email I did indeed mention I was on RWG and explained that that was how I had found them, on the trusted dealers list. Since I've gotten the watch and documented the defects for them, I mentioned that it would look worse for them if they just keep denying responsibility if I had to take it to the mods and forums. Their only response to that aspect was "we never try to trick on people or lie to anyone, that's why our friend at forums invited us to sell at their forum." Now, while they have admitted that the watch was not the same one, that the timegrapher pictures were 100% bogus, AND that the watch they sent me has defects that were never shown to me, they are saying they were ALL genuine mistakes, always made by "the QC guy" or "the watch guy was also dealing with ZF models at the time and mixed up the photos with XF". It's clear that from their perspective, the "mistake" they made was sending me TOO obvious of fake photos (wrong BPH, different caseback, spotless bezel) and hoping I wouldn't notice. I suspect they send these stock photos to everyone but few people get such a shoddily damaged copy to complain about. After many more email exchanges, I have finally gotten them to agree to do a refund, but it just seems sketchy to ship the watch off and take their word for it to send my money back. Their promise means nothing to me now after they've broken my trust multiple times and also insulted my intelligence by thinking I'd believe those flimsy excuses. The mods will hopefully mediate this process. I can safely say I will be taking all future dealings to Mary, who several people in this thread have recommended. In my very first inquiry email response she was already far more helpful than Lawrence ever was...
  4. Chronometer in QC shows lower beat rate than what I paid for

    Appreciate all the words of advice, everyone. Also, do the world a favour and spread this to absolutely everyone that you possibly can: STAY AWAY FROM LAWRENCEWATCH. This sums up their shadiness: -Lawrence: Here are photos of YOUR watch -Me: You sure this is my watch? Photos look different from the model. -Lawrence: Yes. It is your watch. *watch arrives at my door* -Me: That was not my watch... you didn't send me the real photos, you sent me a different watch -Lawrence: Oh, WHOOPS! SORRY, INNOCENT MISTAKE BY OUR WATCH GUY HAHA! Too bad we only find out after you accepted it to ship to you. 2. -Lawrence: We did timegrapher test on your watch. Here are photos. -Me: You sure? The timegrapher reads a different movement, 21600. -Lawrence: Oh, WHOOPS! SORRY, INNOCENT MISTAKE, our machine malfunctioned just now, and I didn't notice that 28800 is not 21600. Here are more photos -Me: This is a different watch than the one before. -Lawrence: "no need to ask about the 21600." (like wtf kind of explanation is that?) 3. -Lawrence: We did QC inspection on your watch. "Your watch is a good one." *watch arrives at my door* -Me: There are obvious defects all over the watch that even a blind man could see. You obviously did NOT do a QC check. -Lawrence: WHOOPS! SORRY, INNOCENT MISTAKE, our QC guy must have made a mistake. THREE major mistakes on one order that JUST HAPPEN to benefit them and "accidentally" deceive me? Do they really expect me to believe that?
  5. Chronometer in QC shows lower beat rate than what I paid for

    They are continuing to deny that they ever lied whatsoever, and they still insist they've been "completely honest" with me. I can't believe this. Concrete evidence shoved in their faces and they say "you're just making assumptions, it's not the truth". "please PM a moderator (moderators are marked in light blue on the members online section at the bottom of the board index page)." I'm looking at the board index and there's no light blue highlighting anywhere... Who do I contact?
  6. Chronometer in QC shows lower beat rate than what I paid for

    UPDATE: I should have listened to you guys. The watch came today and it doesn't even remotely resemble the QC pics. The back is completely different, with different engraving, numbers, and sticker placements. What's worse is that there are also cracks all over the front bezel, and really shoddy lume application, which are completely different from the QC pics. lawrencewatch@gmail.com 100% pulled a bait and switch and knew it. He even denied it when I first questioned his motives, and sounded very apologetic. But now the watch is here and confirms all suspicions. I just don't understand what "TRUSTED" dealer is supposed to mean around here :/
  7. Chronometer in QC shows lower beat rate than what I paid for

    Subdial seconds, not full dial second hand. That small of a circle, still possible to tell by eye? I'll try the timegrapher apps as well! Thank you
  8. Chronometer in QC shows lower beat rate than what I paid for

    Hopefully further action won't be necessary... I decided I didn't want to take a hit on the transaction fee so I'm going through with it. Likely the dud photo explanation is correct. He apologized profusely for his temper, and while that could've just been fake, I'm going to give the benefit of the doubt due to their status here. I will just await the arrival of the watch in the end. Again, I have read and considered all the comments here, you all have been helpful and given me lots to think about. Will I have to take it to a watchmaker in order to find out the BPH? And if so, would the watchmaker judge me for bringing in a rep...
  9. Chronometer in QC shows lower beat rate than what I paid for

    Thank you everyone who has given their advice. I will think carefully about what you've said and consider my options. It's just interesting because I went with them due to their reputation here...
  10. Chronometer in QC shows lower beat rate than what I paid for

    Update, they have responded, but I honestly have no idea what to make of their response: >"Are you trying to say that I'm trying to con you? I saw your mail an hour ago in the middle of the night and I don't like your sound of this, so, I took some pictures of the watch on the timer machine and so open up your watch and you can compare with other td's model.. No need to ask about the 21600, this watch has a high beat 28800. FYI, we don't supply any model other then what we said we will supply." I have no idea what they're trying to tell me... I asked for more clarification but I'm not expecting any better of a response to be honest.
  11. I ordered a 7750 model from lawrencewatch@gmail.com. It is a 28,800 bph movement. In the QC, he did not send chronometer readings. When I asked for them, he didn't respond until the next day, with a picture that shows 21,600 beats per hour. When I asked, they haven't responded. Should I be concerned? What do I do? I don't want to pull the trigger so quickly and contact the mods immediately if this is something minor.