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  1. Hello from the UK

    Whether it's what you ordered or not (The more experienced Rollie guys here will let you know) - just wanted to say I admire your attitude about it, welcome aboard. I'm putting Dan L in the #1-2 category easy (you'll find out what that means eventually if you stick around )
  2. Hello from the UK

    OP - the QC photos didn't show the misaligned markers or the bezel not lining up straight? Were you given a QC photo of the watch face from straight on?
  3. Rejected QC, Timeline?

    I feel really stupid. Of course! I mean after all we're talking about China! Have to watch out for anything Wok related being passed of with watch reps
  4. DHGate Collection

    Usually quality over quantity reigns supreme - but have to admit those all look really nice - and better than what I'd associate with DHG usually.
  5. Whole 'nother level to da' hobby

    I have to admit that for me - with many things - it's the chase that I love. Sounds like you had/have a good chase going on here Good luck!
  6. Great stitching! Love that colour too. Really nice!
  7. Hanging out with friends

    Who needs a display case when you have a cigar box?!?! I like it!
  8. Wow - Seeing all the pieces laid out, that was great. Made me think twice about trying to get into (minor) watch repair with my jittery hands
  9. Is there a name for the colour of the dial? Looks some hue of Green to me but might be my monitor.....
  10. Disappointing threads.

    I've only been here a month - so please forgive this absolute guess... Cuz I have no idea - But - is it Imnotfatimfluffy?
  11. BP Ultimate SeaDweller QC pic concern

    No it's not too much to ask. However, from my reading over time here - and this is one thing I'd love more insight into - some of the TD's take the pictures themselves - and some have a 3rd party take the photos. Just like I've heard that some TD's actually send the watch themselves - and some have a third party ship it off after QC. Also - check out this thread I started just a short while ago - EXACT same issue as you: http://www.rwg.bz/board/index.php?/topic/135052-about-the-angles-used-in-qc-photos/&tab=comments#comment-2042331
  12. Rejected QC, Timeline?

    @greg_r This is for people with more experience here - I thought this: QC Pics are NOT for: Checking whether that rehaut is wokky was not an allowable reason to reject QC from a TD? Or is it more to the individual TD - will any of them actually say "no, sorry this is what you get."?
  13. Hello from New Zealand

    Yeah codes seem to be useless. I think it's more (I'm guessing) identification for TD's when ordering if anything. As for different factory - Thommo gave you a few specifics - but I've found out that much of the time it's like spotting the difference between Lego blocks made in India, or the ones made in China. They are practically identical - but with a magnifying glass you might see rougher edges or sharper corners or printing a few microns larger on one factory's - but will you really see that in day to day use? My other advice is this : If you are asking others which model 'they' think is best because you're not sure which one to order - then don't order yet. The entire process can take a month to get the watch. There is nothing worse than ordering a watch - paying - and then over the next few weeks thinking "Maybe I should have ordered the other one". You are 'not allowed' to cancel an order with a TD once you place it - unless they cannot find the watch for you. It could be a costly decision to order before 'you' know the one you want. So, head to the review forum on this site - where all the Navitimer reviews and photos ill be found and never.stop.reading. http://www.rwg.bz/board/index.php?/forum/17-breitling/
  14. I just washed my 3777 rep :(

    Dude good luck....
  15. Own up, who else wears two watches?

    More than one watch is totally practical. I can get really busy during some days. The problem is that most of my clients are located elsewhere in the world and so knowing when to call them can be a tricky situation. Since I'll be working 8 hours a day and usually deal with a client every hour I found the best way to deal with the situation: Top Left Going Clockwise: First client. I only use the 24 hour time ring which I have set incorrectly 3 hours ahead. This client is never in the office when I call! Next, the Bvlgari has that red second tipped hand. This makes it easy for me to count to 60 because my second client of the day is a twat and I am going to tell him I'm having my period and have to go (always funny when a man says that to someone). Third client I just zone out, so this watch I just whack the pushers for those ridiculous dials and I have races seeing which hand will win and usually end up yelling "Faster faster haha I'm beating you good!". I always make this client hang up. He once asked for my superior. That's me. My fourth client is an jackass who thinks my inter-personal skills are lacking. I once told him that that huge red button can cancel his account if I press it. I usually send him a photo of my finger on that button when I get tired of talking to him. My fifth client is an accountant, and I despise him. Hence the binary watch. When meeting him I always pretend it's a calculator and act like I'm trying to add up what he's telling me in some manner. It's pretty cool when he asks what I think and I just say a random number. Gets 'em every time! 6th client. After 2 years I don't know his name. Set to a random time - but I pretend it's always AM. I never call him and make him call me, and when he gets upset at having to call me I always say it's in the AM where I am and this is unacceptable before hanging up. For my 7th client, I don't even have a battery in that watch so it doesn't change time. She's is always in meetings and I don't really care which one I interrupt so why bother knowing what time it is where she works? Saves me about $5 every 2 years this way. I bought this last watch for my 8th client. I know exactly where he works, and when he gets off work - so I needed an accurate watch so I can call when he's driving on the freeway and start quoting numbers from all of that days reports that I need him to verify immediately before we hang up or we lose everything.