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  1. A new step in PAM rep movement World

    The first impressions are really positive Good finish and nice manufacture No reason to expect bad reuslts ALE
  2. PAM 082 C series Amerigo Vespucci LE - [PICS HEAVY]

    Kilo you have got a very nice and simple watch !! Congrats The dial is amazing and looks better than old PAM 082 dials with very noticeable contoured marks. This new dial looks pretty nice Awesome strap which matchs perfectly the watch Thanks for sharing it ALE
  3. A new step in PAM rep movement World

    Thanks guys. I think you are exaggerating a lot about me The angle is for the chinese movement, Gen is different. It is not a real clone and some functions are different: GMT and Crwon ALE
  4. A new step in PAM rep movement World

    This is not a A7750 based movement. It is a completely new development using some parts from A7750 (but only few parts) The angle is specific for this movement ALE
  5. A new step in PAM rep movement World

    Finished the dismantling of the new movement P.9001 Waiting for the final complete review, see below some pics and comments: - Overall finish and quality of the movement parts are really good. In the best level of the rep movements.- Some parts come from A7750, but most of the parts are custom made- We can call this Movement as “Clone”, since many parts are custom made and the overall external layout looks like P.9001. But it actually is a custom made movement visually similar to gen P.9001.- Of course, escapement wheel is real and completely working like a P.9001- GMT device are over the average in reps. But always with GMT 24 hrs- Rotor bearing is high quality and three screws of fixation are real- Good system of gaskets to get waterproofing. We will make test- The upper bridge is just decorated by a thin plate (you can see it on the pics) to get the P.9001 appearance, but it is not a decorative plate to hide the movement- The functions of the crown are like a conventional movement, different from gen P.9001 functions- Non-working PR indicator - A bit dry oiling of the parts involved.- Nice results on Timegrapher- As a summary: it is a visually accurate rep movement, very nicely manufactured, with good technical solutions and high quality parts. A promising rep movement that if it finally is reliable, as the quality of the parts are auguring, will be a future must for P.9000 and P.9001 reps. This teardown has been kindly made by the watchsmith Manuel Vizcaino, owner of Replicantres workshop, one of the best european watchsmiths, working on gen and reps. Replicantres is located in Alcalá de Henares (near to Madrid). contacto@replicantres.com Waiting for the complete review, thanks for reading ALE
  6. Pam 111 noob v4 question

    Unfortunately above commented is not exactly true Although a PAM 111 Noob V4 is one of the best reps available there are "many" flaws (or better said "differences") to tell the rep for a trained eye. Leaving aside that a Noob V4 is almost impossible to get. A complete Noob V4 caseset is almost perfect, if not perfect, and even "better" than old gen Luminor casesets. Hands and CP have not the quality and finish than gen parts, but they are many times near 90% Crystals sometimes are really good and under gen standards Noob dial is really good, but under the loupe there are some differences mainly in the upper edge of the cutouts (gen is more rounded and smother) Lume sometimes is even better than gen Caseback is good enough maybe with less defined or less clean engravings (few noticeable) The main differences are in the movement. Finish of the bridges, bevelled of the wheels, wheels screws, jewels colour, bevelled of the jewels hole, OFFICINE PANERAI engraving, different Y shaped Incabloc, different Lyre spring, completely different and worse finished Swan Neck spring and its screws, different and many times shorter micrometric screw… etc… Of course the rep straps, aside the rubber ones, are really bad, but the change is really easy ALE
  7. ALE's "Reference PAM REVIEW-GUIDE"

    Complete PAM GUIDE is not available outside RWI Anyway it is only few days it is down Patience is always the first rule in this hobby Do you imagine if I would have had the same patience writing the GUIDE ?? That has taken some thousands of hours my friends (yes you have read well: THOUSANDS) ALE
  8. A new step in PAM rep movement World

    I'm sure that after confirming the success of this new watch, the maker will release all the PAM watches fitted with P.9000 and P.9001 ALE
  9. Pam 111 noob v4 question

    For this watch is impossible to get super rep status, at least with our current criteria Talking about appearance it could get super rep status, since the caseset is a KW-V6Fac (almost perfect) and the appearance of the movement is almost 90% like gen. But as above commented there are some important differences: -GMT function is 24hrs instead of 12hrs -NON wrorking PR -Crown functions like A7750 based movement, different from Panerai Manifattura P.9001 and P.9000 If you are talking about visual and gen-like appearance, be sure it is a super rep. Even better than other reputable super reps ALE
  10. RWI'/ current state - Information and updates

    @DR3M3L Many thanks for this nice job my friend Good luck ALE
  11. Pam 111 noob v4 question

    OK we will see the QC pìcs Regarding PAM 580 iit is impossible to make good reps of this watch at this moment Good luck ALE
  12. A new maker called VSFac has already arranged a new rep developed movement like P.9000 and P.9001 with correct position of balance wheel @7 like gen A new rep of PAM 441 O-series is already available on dealers catalogues. New reps of PAM 312 and others will be available soon http://puretime03.co...uper-clone.html I have already the sample of this PAM 441 O-series from VSFac in my hands. Great looking movement, impressive step in rep world As commented by Chris, the maker will be called VSFac, VSF Quality of the rest of the watch "parallel" to V6Fac. Really good Movement features -Correct balance wheel position @7 -NON working Power reserve indicator -GMT 24 hrs as the old A7750 based -Functions of the crown the same as decorated A7750. No P.9000 and P.9001 functions -New development no A7750 based To get more info read: https://www.replica-...-come-out-today by nine https://www.replica-...rst-try-the-441 by chris3007 https://www.replica-...ent-for-Panerai by ryanwayer Review and more info as soon as possible ALE
  13. Pam 111 noob v4 question

    Any of the Noob versions of PAM 111 are super reps from V3 to V4 and also transition models Only trained eyes can see the differences If you want kon more read and study the pics of the thread above mentioned, where some trained people are judging QC pics of PAM 111 ALE
  14. Pam 111 noob v4 question

    Thanks It is really difficult to get a real V4 caseset. And almost impossible to get a V4 slim crown I think KW has no PAM 111 Noob in its catalogue (anyway, show me the link) You can get the Noob V3, V3-v4, or V4 from any dealer (everything will be the same) ALE
  15. Pam 111 noob v4 question

    I recommend you read a post in the brother forum RWI Many pics and some answers https://www.replica-watch.info/vb/showthread.php/348060-Pam-111-V4 ALE