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  1. How much time do you take?

    Almost 3 years for me. I footered about for many years until I bought a watch.
  2. Hello and welcome. :)
  3. Preferred payment option?

    Which one? The only one I know of is on Midland Road and I'm not walking down there. Sainsbury's do it now, much more civilised than some flea ridden corner shop. Tssk An inherent part of our shared kulture , those corner shops where you can be ripped off 'conveniently'.
  4. Hello from Malmö, Sweden

    Hello and welcome. "Hoor cave" Sighs.................been there ,smelly.............. but not damp. ;)
  5. Reg, as ever, has finessed this issue. A few vowels ................or consonants. Could be an advert for you, personally.
  6. New UK Member and a few Questions

    We all here know and understand the pitfalls.........well mostly and most of us. :) Ask your dealer to confirm the movement before shipping. That's simple enough, eh?
  7. New UK Member and a few Questions

    Hi Craig, welcome. There are hi and lo beat Asian 7750 movements. You should clarify with your dealer exactly what you have ordered.
  8. Another cheap gate delivery

    Cheapies. I love 'em. Gorgeous.
  9. I finally grew a pair!

    Nice pair Tit's. Black and blue. Thorough job.
  10. Hi any old timers around?

  11. Hi any old timers around?

    I still have mine.....well, Del bought it originally...... he had the datewheel mod and a lume by that Francais Poncais........cough. This is the only decent photo I have of it. Breitling Skyland Avenger by Benny Fitz-Grainger, on Flickr
  12. Any help would be appreciated

    My last read of the night . I sincerely hope that some contributors will...........um .............reconsider their stance? See ya early doors.
  13. Hi any old timers around?

    Watch out for those bloody Alsatians though. ;)
  14. Hi any old timers around?

    Nostalgia ain't what it used to be, I'd say...... Though in this case, an exceptional thread. Welcome back By-Tor.
  15. Nah, "fast spin" more like ;) Just like your breeks got last time I saw you? :D