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  1. I have a gorgeous IWC FA Jones Portuguese in “platinum” that I love so much I bought it a gen strap. I am sad to say that the hand-wound movement started running more than 5 minutes an hour fast. Any ideas? I really, really, really want to fix it.
  2. IWC Mark XVIII MK Factory or V6F

    As the title indicates, which one should I get? I know the Mark XVI MKF is praised as being near super rep status, but what about the Mark XVIII? I know certain versions are 41mn instead of 40mn so I would be avoiding those. My TD Josh has indicated that the V6F version is better than the MKF version, but I think that's because he does not have it in stock. However, check out these two versions: https://chazingtime.co/product/mark-xviii-iw327001-ss-mk-maker-best-edition-black-dial-black-leather-strap-a2892/ https://chazingtime.co/product/mark-xviii-iw327001-v6f-best-edition-black-dial-black-leather-strap-a2892/ The V6 version is more expensive, has the correct dimensions 40mn x 11mn vs. the MKF version with 40x10 and engraved movements. Please help a newbie out!
  3. Hi all, new to the forum and have been bit by the rep bug. Was looking to get my first rep but require a little help. Watch in question-http://www.pf-828.com/special-offers/iwc-special-offer/00iwig00011-v3-nf-ingenuier-vintage-st-laureus-ss-le-blue-a-2824.html First off, is this a super rep? I've read that the "IWC Ingenieur Noob" is a super rep but i'm not really sure if this is it. Second, is this a genuine noob factory watch? I've emailed josh, he says that it's from noob but 248 with box and papers (not that i care for them) seems like a pretty good deal especially when other TDs are selling it at 308. Can anyone weigh in? Thank you so much for your help in advance! I look forward to being part of this wonderful community and hope to be able to contribute more in the future.
  4. Look at this baby!!! NEW IWC BIG PILOT'S WATCH BRONZE LIMITED EDITION. October 2017!!!!! PLease please please rep this BEAUUUUUTYYYYY!!!!!!!!! TAKE MY MONEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! https://www.watchcollectinglifestyle.com/home/new-iwc-big-pilots-bronze-watch-hands-on-review-live-pictures-pricing-presenting
  5. IWC Petit Prince Replacement Strap

    I recently got an IWC petit prince 3777 on a brown leather strap and I love it however my dealer sent it on a really bad brown leather strap which is uncomfortable and doesn't look like the gen. I planned on ordering the deployment clasp and wanted to get a replacement leather strap. I was wondering if there were any replica straps out there that have the correct stitching pattern and are brown but are good quality leather (not alligator). Thanks