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  1. Looking to buy Patek 5975 can anyone help?
  2. Aquanaut Jumbo 5167 from PC review

    Just received my order from Josh. Great service - around one week from order to QC to receiving the watch. Watch is flawless. Feels awesome on the wrist. And I managed to cut the strap to a comfortable length - had been worried about this procedure! Best advice is take it slowly one or two sections at a time from each end. And check frequently. The clasp is great, firm and snaps closed with no gaps and feels strong. The watch doesn’t appear to suffer from the so-called too greenish lume problem suffered by others with this model - though this is Maker and not V6F. The lume is a cream-very light green. The lume also very strong - lasted a whole night. This model has the Miyota 9015 - Josh said there are no SW200s around. Seems OK to me and a lot cheaper than higher prices elsewhere for SW200 models. Cost me 338 USD. Engraving and rotor look amazing. The Miyota of course has hacking and quick date. I can only here the rotor move if I take of the watch and move it around. On wrist no noise at all. I’ll have it lightly greased anyway. The finish is excellent everywhere though I reckon the brushed bezel likely looks a bit more impressive on the gen. The date wheel font should be a bit bigger and fill the window more. And the 3D pattern on the dial doesn’t seem to pop quite like the gen. These are minor quibbles. Strap feels great, rubber isn’t too soft but still remains very comfortable. The watch is very low profile and light so feels very well balanced on the wrist. All in all very happy with this rep, my 4th. I’m a refugee from RWI and enjoying RWG, thanks for having us here! Happy to contribute a new review on this awesome Aquanaut for those considering this rep. Josh of PC was great at every stage and the watch quality is perfect. Adding pictures here from Tapatalk. Not too familiar with this app just started using. Let’s see how images work out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Please help me. Im looking for or a rubber strap for my Patek Philip Nautilus 24mm or this model see link: http://rubberb.com/en/strap-patek-philippe-nautilus-5726a-ss (model black or brown) Let me know or send me private mail: qr4life@hotmail.com
  4. Cheap 5980

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Patek-Philippe-5980-/132362203343?hash=item1ed166f0cf:g:-VYAAOSwwc1Z4L5Q Bargain of the century? Or not?
  5. New Patek showed up 3 weeks ago and has piqued my interest: "Nautilus Jumbo 5711 PF 1:1 Best Edition Blue Textured Dial on SS Bracelet A324 Clone" Here's a link: https://puretime03.com/nautilus-jumbo-5711-pf-1-1-best-edition-blue-textured-dial-on-ss-bracelet-a324-clone.html Looks great in the pics. Has anyone posted a review on this one yet?
  6. U1 Patek Nautilus

    I don't know much about these, but this is really nice for what I am assuming is a 23j something movement. U1 FACTORY The movement is incredibly detailed and engraved. Gorgeous dial, great bracelet