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  1. Rolex DAYDATE 40mm - NOOB or BP?

    Trying to decide which DayDate to get from trustytime picking between the 40mm YG with Silver dial or the 40mm RG with the Green dial Trustytime has both the NOOB and the BP version of both? Anyone know which factory makes the better version? Which platting would hold up better? Opinions of which one to get? thanks guys
  2. Hello everyone, I buy/trade watches on a regular basis but was introduced by someone on kijiji who told me about this website. Lots of really cool looking watches and I wouldn't mind spending fraction of the price for something just as good. I cannot justify spending thousands of dollars on watches as I wear my watches daily for any tasks. Therefore, I am wondering if any of you could guide me to what I should check out. I am new to this forum and I am curious if anyone would have recommendations.
  3. Hey guys, my watches from Toro just arrived. I bought PAM 411 Firenze and JF Rolex Explorer I 214270 2016 v2 with SH3132. So now my question is (as RWI is down) "is JF still known for having issues with dirty SH3132 movements?". Anything changed or I should still bring it to my local watchsmit? Should it be just cleaned and oiled up or anything else should be "adjusted"? I still need to bring it to him as trinagle index needs to be moved 1mm to the right, so I'm there anyway.
  4. diamond mop Datejust

    so ive been looking on perfect clones and have come across a few nice Datejusts, just cant decide. first of all im stuck between the colour, blue or the dark mother of pearl, and how would the mother of pearl look compare to the gen? also diamond dial, or roman numerals? are the diamonds any good on these reps? ill leave some links on the watches im thinking about, going by the videos they all look really good. Black mop diamonds: http://www.pf-828.com/r36djs-719-116234-ss-ss-fluted-jubilee-light-mop-black-diam-sa-3135.html Blue dial diamonds: http://www.pf-828.com/r36djs-715-116234-ss-ss-fluted-jubilee-blue-diamonds-sa-3135.html blue dial roman numerals: http://www.pf-828.com/r36djs-725-116234-ss-ss-fluted-jubilee-blue-roman-sa-3135.html would like to know peoples opinions on the watches, has anyone had experience with the black mother of pearl dials? many thanks
  5. Diamond Datejust or Numerals?

    been looking at 2 Rolex Datejusts on Perfectclones, really want to buy one but stuck because i cant decide. has anyone got any pics of this watch or any datejust with diamonds? how do they look? i prefer the look of the diamonds but not sure how genuine it would look. here's the links to the watches, watched both the videos on them and both look great in my opinion. the blue and diamond dial : http://www.pf-828.com/r36djs-715-116234-ss-ss-fluted-jubilee-blue-diamonds-sa-3135.html the blue and numeral dial: http://www.pf-828.com/r36djs-725-116234-ss-ss-fluted-jubilee-blue-roman-sa-3135.html
  6. JF 16610 No Rehaut Review

    Hi all, Today I have received my new JF 16610 from Sead. As many of you seem to be on the fence of whether they want to buy the watch or not I thought I make a little review. First of all, I already owned the first version of the LV last summer and was not impressed by it due to the bad datewheel and very wokky rehaut. However as I do not have a TC and I really like the 16610 I decided to give JF another chance. As you can see from the picture the rehaut now is not wokky at all and IMO looks great without the engravings. In addition to that I was positively surprised by the datewheel. It seems as JF has improved the font considerably and thinned it, however I believe it's still a tinny fraction to bold. I have decided to leave the watch for now as it is and wear it stock until the movement needs to be serviced. I also think the bracelet polishing, which was a bit too "deep" in previous versions has been addressed. In general, I don't think anyone will ever be called out wearing this watch on the wrist. Lastly the bracelet of my old LV broke down very quickly and so far the LN bracelet is holding up well but it is too early for a final verdict and I also don't know if they have improved the SEL connection or not. To summarise I can strongly recommend the watch to anyone looking for a nice 16610 which is good out of the box. For 400USD (shipping included) and the SH3135 movement there is not much to complain about. I am looking forward to hear your comments and thoughts. Do you guys think a crystal and datewheel change is still a "mandatory" upgrade? On to the pictures:
  7. After dealing with the CHS Craptastic Movement for several months now trying to figure out how to make it more reliable, and finding that replacing the majority of the guts with ETA 2824/2836 guts seems to at least get it to run great, I was bouncing back and forth between getting a Rolex 3186 or creating my own SH3185. In the end, I enjoy tinkering more than assembling, so building a hybrid SH3185 won out for my GMT 116710LN Franken. Build consists of - Gen Bezel (Assembly and insert) - Gen Chromolight Dial - Gen Chromolight Hands - Gen Datedisc - Gen Xtal - Gen Crown - SH3185 - ARF 904l Bracelet - Noob Case For the conversion, you need roughly $600-650 worth of Rolex parts and of course, an SH3135. Below is the Rolex Parts list. Part Number Description B3155-335-Y1 Minute Pinion w/ Cannon Pinion B3155-360-G1 Second Wheel B3175-260-Y1 Minute Wheel 24hr B3185-268-L1 Keyless Works Cover Plate B3185-284-Y1 Hour Wheel 12hr B3185-600-K1 Seating for Date Indicator B3185-614-Y1 Date Jumper B3185-623-Y1 Finger for Date B3185-625-Y1 Date Wheel Mounted B3185-660-Y1 Jumping Hours Module B3185-662-Y1 Corrector Wheel B3185-670-Y1 Intermediate Date Wheel And now on to the fun stuff To start, I will show you 2 spots you need to modify on the main plate. The Jumping Hours Module sits in here and these 2 spots need to be filed down to allow it to sit flush and move freely. I used a couple small files to do this. Some pics while assembling the movement. What I did was place the SH3135 Parts I was removing in a line in order that I took them off. I then placed the Rolex Parts I was replacing them with right below them so I didn’t miss a step or use the wrong part. If you’ve taken these apart before, its pretty easy to figure out what goes where. And here is the finished movement with the Gen Date Disc https://www.pixelsbin.com/images/2018/01/04/10d0bf2914332f75cb.jpg[/img] With Gen Hands and Dial Installed Test fit into the case. The Movement is a little loose in the case, so I had to use longer tabs to hold it in place and centered in the case. https://www.pixelsbin.com/images/2018/01/04/127ab23f41d6f2bb03.jpg[/img] A couple pics of the final product. The Crown Height of the SH3185 sits a touch lower than the 2836 CHS movement that comes in these. It isn’t enough to affect performance, but it is something to be aware of. About less than .5mm. And some glamour shots So far, the movement is running great. The jumping hours module hasn’t had any issues, I had to go from Date 13 to Date 3, and the movement itself averages ~+4s/d All in all, a happy medium between the unreliable CHS movement and the $2k Rolex 3186. Now on to the next project.
  8. First Rolex best place to buy?

    Hi everyone, i am new to the forum as I only joined the other day, have had a good browse around and looked at many people’s watches and feedback. I have looked at the trusted sellers so know where to buy was just wondering what the best submariner would be for a first buy? Also who has the best replicas for the best price. love the blue/gold but maybe a bit flashy, would love to see some pics of people’s and sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. Wasn’t sure where to post. Thanks and look forward to ordering my first watch soon
  9. First Rolex best place to buy?

    Hi everyone, i am new to the forum as I only joined the other day, have had a good browse around and looked at many people’s watches and feedback. I have looked at the trusted sellers so know where to buy was just wondering what the best submariner would be for a first buy? Also who has the best replicas for the best price. love the blue/gold but maybe a bit flashy, would love to see some pics of people’s and sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. Wasn’t sure where to post. Thanks and look forward to ordering my first watch soon
  10. Anybody know where I can get a high quality replica of this watch? https://m.rolex.com/watches/yacht-master/m268655-0002.html#configurator
  11. JF 16610 No rehaut engraving

    Hi Guys, just saw that the new version of the 16610 by JF is released. Whats the consensus? Is the rehaut still woky? What do you guys think about the improved datewheel font? Pictures: http://www.qcpics.com/index.php/ROLSUB0229/DSCN9879 link and video: http://trustytime.store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=352&products_id=18207
  12. hello everyone, i own the below rep sub but currently the movement have totally stop working. i like to swap it with a new movement, preferably a SA3135 or Gen ETA 2836 but not sure if its compatible as i do not know which rep im having below. bought them in Bangkok about 2 years ago. appreciate your advice on this and if its compatible with SA3135 or Gen ETA 2826 or any other movement i appreciate your advice on where can i purchase them and what is the cost? many thanks and happy holidays SUB
  13. Hello Everyone, Greetings! Am a newbie in replica watches and i bought these SDDS and Sub in Bangkok 2 years ago. got a few question hope you could help me out thanks ! 1. judging on the picture, could the replica company be identified? 2. if yes, which version could it be? 3. could the movement be identified? 3135/A2386/ETA2386 ? 4. what are the current market value for these? SDDS SUB
  14. Hello everyone, new watch enthusiast here. Looking to know more about noob rolex thanks
  15. Pro Hunter custom made?

    Just saw this special made Pro Hunter, is there any similar in existence? (let's not discuss about ugly or not) I'm just curious for anyone who knows, I've try to look for it but its either blue or green....
  16. Thoughts on this sub?

    Hey guys! I am looking for a two tone sub! I have searched trusty time and it appears for this to be the best one I can find. what do you guys think? Thanks so much! http://www.ttw-1388.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_7&products_id=17150
  17. Gen Rolex opportunity

    Hey guys, been on the forum for a couple of years now, been somewhat inactive as of late. Since graduating from uni and starting full time work in an engineering work, ive had a bit of a lifestyle change. Anyway while working i met a client who noticed my rep of my 116500LN. Asking me how long ive had it for etc etc, i admitted that it was in fact a rep, which he couldnt believe. i mean he noticed it from a couple of meters away but didnt closely inspect it. It turns out his wife has a very good position in a luxury company that deals with Rolex, after the conversation ended he handed me his wifes card with her details and told me to email her what watch i would like and she will be able to seek it out at a retail price no matter how long the waiting list was. So my question to you guys is what watch should i ask to purchase at retail price as a good investment. My first thought was the 2016/2017 116500LN but is there a watch that i could purchase as a good investment...that is rolex we are talking about thanks
  18. Stumbled across this informative vid on the old YouTube from Hodinkee And here is Watchfinders review of the new 43mm
  19. Why do people advise against Gold Rolex or Ap's? Are the replicas not plated with real gold? And does that advice include the gold used in the dials at all? Thanks
  20. Hey! Finally, this order arrived. By far my worst one yet, because I drove directly to the post office after a two-hour drive, then to my apartment. I decided to open the watch first, even though I had to piss like a motherfucker. Used my brand new (note, sharp) knife to open the package. Me, tripping like a bitch due to my full bladder sliced up my left thumb. So that’s nice. The watch however, is fantastic! It arrives in this brilliant service-box from the «The Hourglass» boutique in Australia... So, thanks to The Hourglass! http://www.thehourglass.com/boutiques/australia/ Moving on, here she is. Brilliant little thing. It came with the chrono seconds at 58, and the pushers unscrewed. Chrono restarted, and reset like a charm. Screwed the pushers back in, never to be used again. The @3 and @9 are faux dials anyways. So, this new movement is exciting. I’m excited to see how long it lasts, and if it proves reliable! It’s so thin it’s ALMOST Daytona spec from caseback to crystal. Rotor is noisy, so they haven’t fixed that The dial is pure porn, and crisp like a motherfucker. She plays SO nice under certain lighting conditions. The Oysterflex band only has three positions, and the tightest one just barely fits me. Clasp feels cheap as fuck, and I’d expect more from a watch this expensive. Nonetheless, it looks the part. Stocks from the ARF factory is limited, so be aware of LONG delivery time for this piece. Questions? Fire away. Enjoy the pics.
  21. I'm looking to franken my ARF Daytona. My build is currently hovering around the D-Serial (single 27, 34 tick), no rehaut engravings, 3d hands. I had just ordered a Gen Mark III Dial, which is on it's way to me. My questions: Hands - Which hands are most accurate to gen? I'd like to go gen on hands, but it's just very tough to justify spending that much on hands and have to make them fit the 7750. I will go with Gen hands if I decide to go with a Gen or Zenith movement. For now, any recommendations for gen-spec (green lume) 7750 hands would be great. Pushers - Anybody try WSO, Phong, Minh, etc? Which pushers have the correct shape/height/thickness that would fit the ARF? The ARF is too thick, but i'd rather replace them instead of sanding/filing it down. Hoping that someone can give me input on building the best franken ARF
  22. Hi everybody, i was looking for to buy a good quality repl milgauss green sapphire rlx at a good price. I have just checked on toro bravo's website and is has 2 very nice models one from the noob factory and the other one from the j12 factore. Problem is i don't know the diference Noob factory asian 2836 mvt 28800bhp/tinted green sapphire crystal: http://www.tb-688.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=39_141&product_id=149 Or j12 factory 2824 mvt 28800bhp/Scratch-proof sapphire Crystal with Green AR Coating : http://www.tb-688.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=39_141&product_id=1990 The noob is $40 cheaper and looks more like the genuine. Thank you
  23. Guys, I need some help. My favorite rep is out of commission. I lost a pin and I'm not sure really how to go about a fix or replace. The pin missing is the pin that holds the clasp to the bracelet. I have included a picture and a picture of my joy while we're at it. A great piece. A few flaws, but overall it runs like a champ! <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/t9BR5"><a href="//imgur.com/t9BR5"></a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script> Hopefully, these imgur pictures pop in... try this. http://imgur.com/a/t9BR5
  24. OK, so back to check the post and look what the dogs drug up. We gotcha obligatory INVICTA And the classic white explorer.
  25. Hey all! I am new here and have a Rolex Explorer II rep i got overseas. The movement appears to be stuck, I have a missing screw in the band and my crown wont lock down. I need someone US based who could fix it for me!! and recommendations are appreciated.