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The man who hates replica watches

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Clearly a giant wanker with nothing better to do! Plus, give the chinese credit, theyre producing a product looking a 90% plus on a good day for 1/100th (or less) the price! Polishing is even more of a bitch when your getting paid £1 per day...

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I can understand how a person might be against reps in general, but I can't really get how you can be that upset about it. I mean, unless someone tries to pass it off as a genuine, its kind of a victimless crime.


Even still, if someone tries to pass it off as genuine (outside of selling of course), what's the real crime?

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The best comment in this feedback was this ....


Ka Bh


Ahh! "#3: a genuine watch is a waste of money." Freudian slip? :) thanks for the vid Tristano, loved it!



The Urban Gentry


LOL Well spotted, editing it now. Thank you, Best regards, TGV

Edited by lego67

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