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SOLD- Cambridge toasted birdseye maple rollerball (233)

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I had a member order this from me a few months ago out of my rare, private stock and he went to ground.


Lucky for everyone else, it's now up for sale.

Birdseye Maple is normally blonde... very blonde... this one has been kiln dried.

It smells like maple syrup when you work it.


Awesome caramel finish.

This stuff is hard to find in Oz and it's likely I won't get any more.

This is why it was in my private stock.


I hope it finds a good home.

A bit more expensive than normal, this fella is $220 usd plus shipping.


Rhoduim and black titanium hardware, CA finish and a great ceramic rollerball




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That is a seriously good looking wood, my pockets are still full so no room for more but the grain detail is magic.

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