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Hello from uk

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Hey eveyone.


First time poster. I have brought a few replica watches of varying quality and have a curiosity about finding the best ones available, although I rarely wear them!


Historically, my dad had a couple when I was young. They weren't fooling anyone and my teacher couldn't have looked less impressed when I took one to school. I guess that's where the interest came from.


in 2010 I brought a few rolex copies in Thailand for about £30 each and while the "diamond encrusted" (cheap looking) one still works and hold perfect time, once got stolen from my luggage and another one ran 5 minutes fast every hour.


On a second trip later that year, I brought two Brietling copies for about £40 each that are brilliant and a replacement of the stolen replica (which worked out cheaper than before).


I was back out there last year and was shown a "higher quality" Rolex Sub which I ended up paying about £60 for and a chunky Hublot for £40 which died soon after arriving home.


I would be very interested if anyone could roughly identify the Rolex Sub I brought, as it is a solid watch for the money and the Noob V7's etc are 6 times the price. It would help me just to know what sort of price this replica would be online these days from the trusted sellers on this forum...if that is at all possible?


Many thanks,









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