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Waterproof Machine Tester - how to?

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Hi there!


Any idea how to make cheap and fast water tester machine?


I lubed all gaskets on my TC v6 and went to local watchsmith with 10ATM tester and it test went wrong - with no answer. I was only told that he tested original Omega last time and it was wrong too because his amchine is only for 10ATM not 30ATM.


Any ideas how to see if my watch is waterproof for some swimming on pool @ vacations without taking out my movement?



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There is a link somewhere from a post that I posted with a home made tester, I started out with one of them but have now progressed to a proper tester, I normally set mine for 4ATM and thats been fine for swimming and snorkeling as ive had no leaks etc.

I seriously don't think you need to go to 30 ATM that's bloody deep, some people might come on now with tables etc about splash pressure when swimming can be higher than that figure, but as of yet like I said none of mine have leaked.

The homemade tester uses a "Nalgene" drinking bottle with a car tyre valve and a small hook, the Internet will have it somewhere.

Personally I test the case without the movement in first just incase the crystal pops out which has been known, after that first test I then put the movement back in and test again, that way I know the case is water tight, just be aware that you will get bubbles forming around the bezel and crown, this is normal and not a sign of leakage, what is is a steady stream of bubbles emitting from one or several areas ok.

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Use a water filter housing and a bicycle pump.


You'll need to be a bit clever with the fittings, but you'll have a chamber good to about 5 atmospheres, which is plenty.



This or similar:





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