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I bought VSF's PAM 616 Special Edtion for 175$

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23 hours ago, markeym3 said:

If you like the watch just wear it :-)


9 hours ago, GenTLe said:

Even the ones with stripes is not like the gen.

The rep has 2 carbon layers, the gen 3 (rep vs gen):

pam616-carbotech-vsf-best-edition-on-blu panerai-carbotech2.jpg


2 hours ago, mysterio said:

Yes, the carbotech striping is known to be less than the gen, but you wouldn't know it from the responses I see on Risti on rep pics being posted there. LOL

Wandering through many communities with considering it, I determine to sell it to anybody in my country. So I buy another one which is 'good reps'.

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