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Watch regulation.

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Hi there,

i recently regulated an automatic watch as it was running fast. However when I test the watch flat compared to at an angle the +\- variance in seconds per day changes. Why is this and how do you counteract?

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Yep wath thr vid mate, but if not then what happens when a watch is moved to a different position is this, if the watch is dial up or down then the pivot on the balance staff is really only getting friction from the lower end, if it is crown then the pivots are both in full contact with the jewels, thus creating more friction, same ares with all the pivots on all the train.

I wouldn't worry too much about a few seconds a day even a minute or two, back in the day rolex used to give a small leaflet with their watches stating that if it runs fast during the day in this position or that position then lay the watch either one way or the other over night so that it slows it down then generally speaking the watch will be accurate at a constant rate.

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