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A/6538 Military Submariner with Burford dial

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Wake up early this morning, so I had some spare time for "bezel ring cooking" :evil:

Some comparison pics, 5513 eBay bezel ring untouched vs 5513 bezel ring polished and "cooked" (still same process : 30mn cooking / cooldown, repeat 3 times)

I definitely LOVE that subtle "yellow/gold" color ... next month I'll try coloring a complete watch using that method

I will also do some test soaking a stainless steel piece in linseed oil before "cooking" to see what I get ... linssed oil is supposed to enhance the process so I should get a more brownish color



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For a properly aged pearl you can always try what I do wich is to bore out the original and put in its place just a drop of clear resin with a little yellow and red food coloring added



Or here is what it looks like done over a white pearl


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