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Strapmaking, the Timebandit’s Way Part 1

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Strapmaking, the Timebandit’s Way

As far as Photobucket is no longer for free, I renewed the whole tutorial with Imgur as Pic source

So Members, there are sometimes people who guess a strap is done in a few minutes, I want to show here how much effort it is, in my case, to built a strap that fits exactly and won’t tear apart after 3 month.

Part 1.
I cut a stripe of leather for the top layer. A little bit wider and longer as nessesary for the long side.


Sometimes the leather is too thick, in this case it was 6,35mm


This needs to get thinner, I slice it down to the wanted thickness.



One end  gets sharpened, that is important to get close to the watchcase.
It is for the bottom layer as well, not to get an uneven edge.
I use a modified razorblade for this job.


A good leather glue is as important as a sharp knife. There is nothing more dangerous than a blunt blade, if you work with leather.


The glue is applied to the marked areas, a thin layer, much doesn’t help much. If you apply a too thick layer of glue, it won’t dry,


The sharpened end is turned down and both sides, at the markings, will be pressed together with power.


A 2,4mm thick wire is used as a lugbar substitute .


With a bone folder or a Reiffelholz ( Don’t know the english word for it ) the glued faces are pressed more, due gliding with pressure over the surface against the wire.


Basically are the same steps necessary for the short side. But only for the side that is mounted to the lugs.



See this continued at


Part 2 : http://www.rwg.bz/board/index.php?showtopic=31604

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Very informative, I love to see other craftspeople's tools. :P

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Id like to get a couple straps for my GFs watch while they are on sale, but I cant find the sizes of the S3 Divine Carre and R3 Divine Ronde straps.


Anyone know? Thanks.

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Hi mates,

as far as Photobucket is not longer for free, I have reloaded the pics of this tutorial.





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