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AP ROO Survivor Quartz review !

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As stated in my other AP review, this is the less-expensive quartz version of the Royal Oak Offshore from Eurotimez.


This is the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Survivor Ltd:









This is only my second AP, and more to the point, my first quartz watch. This was intended to be a Christmas gift, but thanks to our glorious US Postal Service, didn't show until Dec 26th...


Not knowing anything about the ROO, I naturally figured being a quartz model, the chrono's sub-dials would be a bit off, as with most other models.


The shape & build of the case & ceramic bezel certainly leave nothing to be desired. Sharp, crisp, clean lines as they should be, and a beautiful dial to boot.







As you can see, the most prominent aesthetic feature of this piece are the chrono-pusher guards.









And open:







And from the back:







The case-back is nicely detailed with the ribbed center and all markings/engravings.









The branding on the interior of the rubber straps is extremely crisp and damn-near flawless looking as well:









The buckle is superb as well:










The crown is just like the one on the Barrichello I reviewed--a ceramic inlay with the AP branding, nice & sharp:







The case's side--here's the lug-side & band:







And here's the case side, at 9 o'clock:









And finally, the ubiquitous lume-shot:







Being quartz, of course it keeps perfect time and all chrono hands realign properly. The seconds sub-dial does tick, not sweep, btw. This being my first quartz, I'm unsure as to whether or not there are any sweeping second-hand quartz sub-dials, so we shall see.


All in all, a very nice piece and a definite value for the money, indeed. :(


Enjoy, and have a wonderful 2010!


Take care.




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yuk it looks like a hand grenade lol ;)

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I dare not pull the pin.

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Certainly a usefull bit of kit. Doubt that you would break that in a hurry, what a chunk of watch!

Quartz are definiatly getting better.


BTW, the only sweeping non mechanical MVTs are the Bulova tuneing fork MVT (developed in conjunction with ETA and Rolex

These were also used in Date Justs etc) and the Seiko Spring Drive. The Bulovas are not to expensive, they go on the bay for under 200 fairly often. I'm waiting to see the first franken oyster quartz. The MVT is exactly the same as the gen, the dials can be bought cheap along with gen hands. A well made and modded rep case and you have a watch just as good as the gen!




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Good to know; thanks!


I'm hoping/imagining a sweeping quartz will be in the rep market within the next five years.

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Even with the inaccuracies, it's still great build quality with what you get.


Unfortunately the seconds subdial is in the wrong place and the clasp in wrong, and I'm pretty sure It didn't come in that color? (Correct me if I'm wrong)


Great for the price though!

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