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Toro Bravo 45.5mm UPO

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The Planet Ocean has always been a grail of mine. I was in the Caribbean in January and had the opportunity to pick up a new one for the best deal I have ever seen. It had been a long day of shopping; with two daughters and a wife. I had exhausted my cash reserve and couldn't bring myself to put it on a credit card. It had been nagging me since and somehow led me to this site. I'm glad because with the money I would have spent that day I'll be buying several reps. This is my first, the UPO 45mm from Toro and so far I'm mostly impressed.


It took nearly a week after I paid to hear anything, and with CNY two days away, I shot an e-mail inquiring about my order. I'm glad I did. Turns out the color combo I was after was not in stock. I was offered a couple of alternates and we eventually came to a compromise - they shipped me an extra bezel insert and changed the orange strap to a black. What seemed like an eternity was only 7 business days for the watch to find it's way to my hands.


I opted for a Swiss movement only because I felt I could have it serviced more easily if I ever needed to. I also ordered a bracelet for when I want to switch it up a little.










I was a little disappointed with the extra bracelet I ordered. It was missing a spring bar and the bar that was present was bent. It appeared to me like the bracelet had possibly been removed and the pin bent in the process. The usual first link spacing is obvious when the bracelet is in a flat position, but hardly noticeable when worn.




Before wearing it, I performed the Quality Check as recommended here: http://www.rwg.bz/bo...showtopic=17441 I was glad to see everything appeared well put together, nothing strange inside the case or on the movement.






It's not perfect. The most noticeable tell to me is the pearl on the bezel and the orange on the seconds hand. The AR is also a dead giveaway. The leather strap is predictably mediocre at best. I was concerned over the crystal alignment after reading a few posts, but luckily mine looks right. The lume is good and everything else seems right. Anything I should look for?


Overall it looks and feels amazing. Despite the little spring bar issue (not really a big deal), I'm very happy with the customer service Toro provided, I'll recommend him and I already have my eye on a few more pieces that I will definitely order from him after the CNY.

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