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Panerai Chronograph Review 288 (ADN Italiano )............

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My friend and pro José Forero


How wrong are those who think that they are simple timing devices, pots without a soul, unable to convey feelings





When we learn to appreciate things when they are no longer cold whims of this passion, when they cease to be normal to become special is .. When we are ready to merge with the DNA of a Panerai 288 Radiomir Chronograph





The Radiomir Panerai watch has grown in popularity in recent years due to its simple design and uncompromising. Although the watch is designed to be simple and efficient also has a certain elegance that is not found in a number of other watches.






Biographical notes

In the beginning was a little boring Panerai producer of technical equipment, such as depth gauges and compasses. All this stopped in 1935 when Panerai signed a contract with the Italian Navy to produce watches that were easy to read underwater. Panerai has never been a "timing device" 'before and asked for help from another brand of watches: Rolex.



In 1938, Panerai watches were launched only for the Italian Navy with the name: "Radiomir". The movement and box Radiomir were all for Rolex. Later Panerai movement began with less expensive "Angelus. " After that, he stopped producing watches about 50 years. Now Panerai watch brand is an independent and do not need the help of Rolex more.



Radiomir The name comes from the luminous (and radioactive) material Radiomir. This material is said that people then could read the clock correctly under water. Of course now illegal. Panerai now uses' SuperLuminova that is not radioactive.





With you: 288 Chronograph Replica Panerai

Movimiento: Asia 7750 movimiento cronógrafo automático en 28.800

Caja: acero 316L

Diámetro: 45 mm

Espesor: 17mm

Fondo: roscado de acero

Cristal: Zafiro con AR incoloro

Esfera: negro con C3 Súper Luminova Aplicada sobre los marcadores y agujas

Correa: de JacobStrap cocodrilo marrón oscuro con pespunte blanco

Cierre: desplegable de acero pulido






La Caja

With a size of 45 mm in diameter, which has become the reference size for the range Radiomir, inherits the strong personality of the historical model. It is a large box, made ​​of steel 316, this format, in line with modern trends highlights the elegance of design, the fineness of the box as a pillow and rugged construction









The Handles

As I said once, called "towel", but were originally welded to the body of the box, now are properly bolted to it, retaining its original design, the practice can be unscrewed and separated (in two parts) A allow the placement of straps These fine solid steel rods are stronger than the strongest of the conventional pins (holes) when attaching the strap to the box.






The crown

With a dimension (7 mm) and taper and threaded, it is perfect for this watch, is signed and provided, therefore, the corresponding brand logo on the front (pre-V logo OP). With his stripes, his grip is excellent and is all touch and sound delicious.

EscucharLeer fonéticamente








The buttons start and stop the stopwatch, polished steel cylinder, perfectly integrated into the curved design of the box (at 2h and 4h) are of a "pump type" in this way ensures the seal watch









The dial is black with hour markers and numbers Arava, equipped with a readable and luminescent arrows, coated in a good lumen (C3Superluminova). The continuous seconds sub dial is situated at 9 am while the minute counter is at 3 pm in perfect balance and shapely, and highlight that is not too close to the center of the guard (a common problem in these days with large chronographs). The tachometer and the set fits perfectly and gives a sense of depth.








The closure Polished double fold that comes with this watch is new design of Panerai w 2 buttons on each side release closure. It is a very secure closure that looks a bit sporty and very elegant and perfectly matches the general feel of the clock. It seems as if the Panerai design department has thought of everything in terms of design and comfort.







Made to order the teacher Jacob ( http://www.jacobstraps.com [/ url]) was performed with measures 26.4 / 20 and 115/78 wide long, in excellent alligator dark brown / white stitching, inner curve and lined with top quality beef. Matches perfectly with the clock and the color will darken with age.






This belt is the essential complement to the Master Clock and Jacob are performed with the expertise and experience that shot him.




My opinion a good belt with a mediocre replica much better than the alternative.




Sleek and sporty, yet its size is very comfortable and the design of the box and handles makes it sits in the wrist. 1:1 with the gene construction and a part which can not fail in our selected collections.






Sleek and sporty, yet its size is very comfortable and the design of the box and handles makes it sits in the wrist. 1:1 with the gene construction and a part which can not fail in our selected collections.


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Top marks

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I love the way Pams mark their numbers on the dial..that is just so brilliant..very nice pictures you have out there..thanks for sharing.

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Beautiful. Makes me want to add one to my collection.

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