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Welcome, Sumpters Jewelry!

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Stopped by there yesterday. Great service and kind people but they don't work on replicas. Copyright infringement. Hopefully this saves someone the trip! Really kind people though!

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Well, I brought them profs xtals looking for a simple installation. Was turned down for the copyright issue. Since I had the date wheel Cyclops as well. I'm guessing the hands have to be removed, making it more intense.


I'm assuming they won't touch anything on a replica. You might have better luck if the movement is by itself.


Once again, the guy I spoke with was extremely kind. He took it to one of the watchsmiths and then handed it back.


They recommended a shop in a nearby mall.


I took it there and left it to be worked on. They called me a few hours later saying it was "impossible" I tried offering more money but they were firm. Said there was a screw that's supposed to open everything but it was a decoy. And it wasn't worth trying to figure out.


My watch is the AP JF Schumacher.


I just mailed it to prof for installation. Would recommend everyone do that to save the time/hassle of this particular modification

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