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  2. Something nice (and different) about this new Bulova:- http://www.hsamuel.co.uk/webstore/d/8043647/bulova+men's+1970+chronograph+watch+box+set/ £439 after 20% discount. A quick search shows the next best price around £520.
  3. New CW C8 Pilot Range

    That is nice, really liking the new rapide too
  4. Incoming pam000

    Just bought the new PAM000 Xf/v6 top edition. Will keep you updated on the purchase
  5. Post your Omega....

    2255 fantasy - rep case, 2824, reworked blue WSO insert, gen dial, gen crystal, waiting on my gen hands to come in. Almost ready to wear...
  6. HI from Slovenia

    I dunno about rep friendly watch smiths but a do remember a pretty nice Swatch group boutique if Im not mistaken.
  7. Today
  8. .,,. Enviado do meu 6055K através de Tapatalk
  9. New CW C8 Pilot Range

    Christopher Ward has refreshed its' beautiful C8 range and wow they are a set of lookers ! Even the entry model is now 44mm with a part sandwich dial the GMT houses a really a ETA 2893 -2 with reported 42 hours PR cw link
  10. HI from Slovenia

    yes.... controling whole eastern Europe......
  11. The "What vintage watch are you wearing today?" Thread

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  12. Oi , Looky Looky Our Antipodean Members

    Now you're talkin'
  13. Oi , Looky Looky Our Antipodean Members

    I like that a LOT. And it doesn't have a Disney character.
  14. 20% off everything at H Samuels today

    555 From H Samuel thats a larf
  15. New Week Wrist Check 25th September 2017

    Looking forward to receiving that for my birthday, Spike!
  16. Invicta Popeye auto diver ~$69

    Already sent them an e-mail. I've keep this updated
  17. Oi , Looky Looky Our Antipodean Members

    Someone rep this Payment sent
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