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  2. Rolex Datejust 41 vs Datejust 2

  3. Rolex Datejust 41 vs Datejust 2

    Can someone link a DJ41 please
  4. Steinhart Ocean 44

    Pepsi looks like it's trying to be something it's not. Almost abit brash. I'd go for the understated black bezel
  5. Steinhart Ocean 44

    As much as I like the Pepsi bezel I voted black as I think it suits the style of the watch better.
  6. Buying a date just 41

    The 41 has a thinner bezel and smaller lugs. Currently not repped. Unless completely anal, no-one will know the difference between the two. As a rule BP are better for Date-Justs/Day-Dates
  7. Dead Panerai and other reps

    how about the A4130 movement - what would your thoughts be on this?
  8. Buying a date just 41

    What’s the difference? How can you tell one from the other?
  9. Steinhart Ocean 44

    The spare bezel sounds like a good plan since it is the only real difference. I was originally thinking Pepsi but then I considered that I have a Seiko 7002, SKX009 and the SRP021 which are all a Pepsi bezel... but wait those are Seiko not Steinhart so I am not going to let that influence my decision...yet...
  10. Dead Panerai and other reps

    I've not been around as long as Greg, but from what I've seen, more often then not when stories like this pop up, there's 1 of 2 causes -- either the person bought the cheapest watches they could find, or they did something to damage the mov'ts. Given the watches you outlined and the costs all-in, I'd have to think you might have bought crap to begin with, hence why it didn't last very long. My starting point advice for all folks new to the hobby is to buy high-end reps for your first purchases -- you can't buy the crap reps that most members here would never touch, then base your view of the hobby on that stuff. Just for context, a good rep these days runs for 220-250 pounds -- I get that's not cheap, but you are getting a higher level of quality for that extra cost. In terms of reliability, I'd suggest getting a hand-wind Panerai. It uses a 6497 mov't that you'll need to wind every few days, but the mov'ts are darn near bulletproof.
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  12. Hello, i am the new one

    Welcome ! There's a lot of reading to do, but I'm sure you'll find what you are after !
  13. May it works with an Folder with has a Global File Share?
  14. Hello, i am the new one

    Thank you! I will do my best
  15. Welcoming the noobs 101

    wow this is actually a bunch of Work to get all this together! Very helpfull!
  16. Hello, i am the new one

    Welcome to the madhouse. This place is different. If you fit in, it's the best.
  17. The Top 10 Lies of Replica Watches

    Definitely some interesting Facts everyone in the Rep game should know! thanks for Posting!
  18. Hi Guys, I've just come around from rwi to look whats going on here I Hope i can find my dream watch here, a Carrera Calibre 16 Day Date in Black or Silver. Greetz
  19. FedEx, UPS or DHL into Canada?

    Yup. Decided it's not worth it and I'm not going to order the watch because of the shipping methods It was going to be this one... http://www.legendwatch.cn/segull-st2130-movt-modified-sbdx001-44mm-dimeter_p313.html If you switch the currency from USD to CAD the watch actually gets about 3 bucks cheaper lol.
  20. FedEx, UPS or DHL into Canada?

    Well? Did you decide?
  21. A few new pieces

  22. A few new pieces

    Thank you Thommo, got a few more en route that you recommended! Will post when they arrive!
  23. Hello from the UK

    Sorry when I say UK supplier I think he orders them in as took about 2 weeks to get to him. I will take a movie of the movement though. To be fair the guy was honest but I will double check it's a V6, it's just my fault in assuming all watches were the same quality. Will take it on the chin and try and get the markers sorted [emoji13] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. A few new pieces

    Looking sharp buddy
  25. A few new pieces

    Thank you sir! Just got them yesterday (had the Batman a couple weeks) and am ready to break them in!! Heres the link to where I got GMT https://m.dhgate.com/product/2017-new-luxury-brand-gmt-ceramic-bezel-mens/396472825.html
  26. A few new pieces

    I dinna dinna dinna dinna dinna know they did Batmans on the Gate. Nice pieces sir....
  27. Dead Panerai and other reps

    Hi Greg, what's the movement likely to be in my two Panerai. The site sells an MM76 which is the only automatic movement. If I can find an equivalent I'd like to have a go at replacing it with a better movement. The case and dial I really like so if I can repair them I'd like to go down this path plus there's a personal satisfaction in the achievement. I appreciate they are a budget rep but I feel it's worth spending some money resurrecting them.
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