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Merkur Ocean Master 300 (Seiko Marine Master 300 Homage)

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I received my Uroborus MM300 last Friday from Taobao using Spreenow as my buying agent. After a weekend with the watch I can say that it's definitely a keeper. The only flaw that I can spot is the date sits a little high in the window.













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On 11/9/2017 at 07:07, KarmaToBurn said:

Sorry to bring back a dead thread...


For those who got the Merkur MM300 how was it? 


I see that Sharkey (Heimdallr) also has an homage available. I've been very happy with my Sharkey SBBN015 so this one is tempting to me. 




Also interesting is the Uroborus 44mm Halios Puck homage that's coming out. It looks good but the 'sweeping second quartz' movement (what could that be?) has me hesitating to pull the trigger



This is the 48mm automatic version they released earlier this year



Forgot about the Sharkey maker and their sterile 62MAS coming out too (it's just in renderings at the moment)...



I bought the Merkur MM300, and the quality is high tier. My only gripe would be the flat-looking lume job and the luck-luster lume. Aside from that, my obsessions over the real MM300.


I tried modding the dial and hands with genuine SBDX001 parts, but alas, they wouldn't fit and the majority of the watchmakers in the city refused to open it. Hope this helps. 

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