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Panerai fitted straps

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Hi all!


I've been working with my insert guy since a few months already to offer a new kind of straps for Panerai Luminor cases.


Alot of time and effort went into this.


Since everyone is selling the same kind (wich is fine by me), i wanted to try something different... something that didn't exist.


I did my reaserch and didn't find anything similar appart from the Rubber B for Panerai.


It might not be in everyone's taste but it's different and that's what i like to do.


Possibilities are endless as i can do whatever the customer want. Gator, ostrich, toad, python, alcantara, calf, name it!


Prices will be 169$usd for calf, ostrich and toad and 199$usd for alligator.













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These are great. Until now, only Donerix seemed willing to offer curved end custom straps. Could these be done in smaller sizes too (19-20mm)?

Nice job.

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Curved yes, in any size but this one isn't just curved.

It has an insert inside to make it fit properly. Not just a lump of thick leather made to cover the gap.

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