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It can help while RWI is down. ;-)


First of all : You shouldn't renounce to buy a watch just because it's not listed here.
Remember that 95% of people don't look at your watch and only 1% of the 5% can tell a rep from a gen. Don't be worried !

Please understand that NWBIG doesn't necessarily mean "Super Rep". 

This thread is not only about NWBIG watches, but also Super Rep NWBIGs !

Any NWBIG is not worth buying in gen. A watch can be NWBIG without being a Super Rep because the tell is acceptable. 

But a Super Rep is necessarily be NWBIG. That's what this thread is about : Watches that are not worth buying gen AND are very hardly distinguishable from the gen.

I double checked all the watches in every page. I've gone in all the reviews thread I could find for every single of these watches to make sure they actually were considered as Super Reps. I noticed a few of these had issues or were "under debate". Some of them actually were not even Super Reps although they were often considered like they were (with obvious tells (so not NWBIG)).

Once I finished doing the whole thing and after reading around 200 threads, I decided to create this list.

Please, you have to understand that I've been very demanding. 
If there is any obvious tell you can spot quickly, it's NO SUPER REP, it can still be NWBIG tho if you need to be an expert in the particular model to spot it.

This list is, what I consider, THE Super Reps list. 

In other words, I need your help for that, I would like to create a list that anyone could participate to build, discuss, debate, update; that anyone can USE and that is CONSENSUAL.

If you see any mistake in the list, feel free to tell me.
If you see any watch in the list that has an obvious tell, let's discuss it.

What I want is something clear, easy to read and accepted by everyone (or almost).

Most importantly, remember that even a Super Rep IS a Replica. THIS IS NOT ABOUT PERFECTION !
There will ALWAYS BE a difference. This is about going AS CLOSE AS WE CAN to GEN. 

This thread is about watches that you should not buy gen because the Replicas listed in here are so good that the price difference between the GEN and the REP would NOT be justified !

Of course GEN will ALWAYS be superior even in the smallest way.

PLEASE, if you disagree with something TELL US WHY.
Should it go in or out of the list, LET US KNOW.

And if you see someone that disagrees with you, TALK ABOUT THAT, give us your input.
I will update this list as soon as THERE IS A CONSENSUS.

While it's UNDER DEBATE, I won't.

So, here we go, enjoy. :-)

Updated NWBIG / Super Replicas consensual list
18th of December, 2017 - Changing leather strap is advised
Click here to see the list of the updates

If you decide to buy one of these watches because
it is in this list, please always take the time to 
understand WHY it's in the list, check reviews,
make sure you understand what you're buying.

Note that if there are several super reps of the
same model and unless both are of exact same 
quality, only the best one will be listed here.

- [Exhaustive Consensual List] Commonly accepted as Super Reps NWBIGs - 

Audemars Piguet ROO Diver JF V7 : review

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms (black) ZF 

Breitling Avenger GMT GF (first batch with correct DW)
Breitling SuperOcean Abyss
Breitling SuperOcean Abyss Chrono (Noob)
Breitling SuperOcean Heritage Black (Noob V2, no longer produced)
Breitling SuperOcean Steelfish H-factory v2 (arrow second hand version)
Breitling SuperOcean II 44mm (Noob) (black only)

Bvlgari Diagono Magnesium GF, last version : review

Cartier Santos XL V6
Cartier, Ballon Bleu 42mm, V6F V4

Franck Muller Casablanca Automatique 8880 B SC DT - GF (strap says "Frangk Muller") 

Hublot Big Bang V6(F) "V6.5" SS (not the carbon fiber ones, confused with the name ? click here) 

IWC 3777-01 ZF 
IWC 3878 Spitfire V6F
IWC Big Pilot 5009-01 ZF
IWC Laureus Sport Ingenieur (by Noob on 2824)

Jaeger-LeCoultre Diver Master Compressor (Noob) : poll

Montblanc Timewalker Chrono - Noob A7753

(list of PAMs below only shows the bests Super Reps for that particular model)
PAM 000 - Luminor Base Logo (44mm) N-series Noob V2.5
PAM 005 - Luminar Marina Logo (44mm) N-series Noob V2 / N-series H maker V2
PAM 026 - Luminor Marina Destro PVD (44mm) K-series Noob V3
PAM 029 - Luminor GMT (44mm) M-series Noob V2-improved
PAM 057 - Luminor Power Reserve Titanium (44mm) DSN
PAM 087 - H maker F-series w/ A-7750
PAM 088 - Luminor GMT (44mm) O-series Noob
PAM 104 - Luminor Marina Automatic (44mm) O-series Noob
PAM 111 - Luminor Marina (44mm) N-series Noob V3 (and later)
PAM 112 - Luminor Base (44mm) M-N series Noob
PAM 127 - Luminor 1950 "Fiddy" (47mm) Latest Noob
PAM 164 - Luminor Marina Automatic (44mm) O-series Noob
PAM 176 - Luminor Base Titanium (44mm) M-N series Noob V3
PAM 177 - Luminor Marina Titanium (44mm) N-P series Noob
PAM 187 - Luminor Submersible Chorno 1000m (47mm) Noob 7753
PAM 217 - Luminor Marina Militare 1950 Destro "Fiddy" (47mm) 2012 Noob
PAM 243 - Luminor 1950 Submersible (44mm) M-series Noob V2
PAM 285 - K-series KW/V6Fac with A7750 decorated like OPIII)
PAM 288 - Radiomir Chronograph (45mm) K-series H maker
PAM 292 - Radiomir Black Seal (45mm) J-series Noob
PAM 297 - Luminor GMT (44mm) O-series Noob
PAM 299 - Luminor Marina Automatic (K-series) (44mm) O- series Noob
PAM 318 - Luminor Marina Logo (44mm) L-series Noob
PAM 346 - Radiomir Titanio (45mm) KW/V6F
PAM 356 - Luminor Chrono Daylight (44mm) O-series Noob 7753
PAM 364 - Luminor Submersible 1950 Titanium (47mm) P-series Noob
PAM 390 - Luminor Boutique Edition (44mm) N-series Noob
PAM 411 to 420 - Luminor Marina Boutiques Special Edition (44mm) KW/V6F
PAM 432 to 434 - Luminor Marina Boutiques Special Edition (44mm) H Maker
PAM 508 - Luminor 1950 Submerislbe Ceramica (47mm) KW-V6Fac Ceramic decorated A7750 Inverted KP9000 // P-KW-V6Fac Ceramic decorated Seagull NON-inverted KP9000-Seagull V2
PAM 569 - Luminor 1950 Submersible Dextro Titanium (47mm) KW-V6F Q-series Seagull Non-Inverted KWP9000-Seagull V2
PAM 571 - ZFac P-series P.9000 decorated A7750 NON-inverted Improved ZP9000-V2.5 // KW-V6Fac P-series P.9000 decorated A7750 Inverted KP9000-V2. KW-V6Fac P-series P.9000 decorated Seagull NON-inverted K9000-SeagullV2. 
PAM 607 - KW-V6Fac P-series Ceramic decorated A7750 NON-inverted KP9000-V2) The most interesting version for A7750 lovers. // KW-V6Fac P-series Ceramic decorated KP9000-Seagull V2 NON-inverted The most interesting version for Seagull lovers
reviews of all PAMS

Rolex 114300, 39mm, Grape and Grey dial (JF, get it serviced asap) : pictures of the grape
Rolex Sub 16610 TC
Rolex TW Best/WM9 (Sub/Bluesy/DD)

Sevenfriday P series (P1-1, P3-1), V series (V2-1) and M series (not the M2-2 one)

Tag Heuer Aquaracer 300 review
Tag Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 5 SS on Rubber - SW200

Tudor Blackbay Red 2016 ZF (last shield version)
Tudor Heritage Ranger SS S Factory
Tudor Black Pelagos V6F/XF V2 : review 
Tudor Blue Pelagos V6F/XF V2

PLEASE : If you have feedback about any of those, let us know !

- Under debate / No Consensus yet -

Probably Super Reps, definitely NWBIGs but needs more feedback :

Cartier, Ballon Bleu 28 and 33mm, V6F 
Franck Muller Master Square GF
IWC Da Vinci by TW
Longines, La Grande Classique SS 37mm JF 
Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m LMPO Noob V4 (temporary move because of new batch, waiting for feedback)
Rolex Explorer 214270 SH3135 V2 (JF)
Tudor Heritage Ranger V6F : review
Zenith Pilot Extra Special 20 - Black dial (V6F > ZF)

[Non-exhaustive Consensual List] NWBIGs (FIRST CLASS) but refused as Super Reps :
Bell & Ross 03-92 ZF (not the Golden Heritage one that has a very bad Dial)
Bell & Ross 03-92 Horolum Watch Achive Custom
Bell & Ross 03-93 GMT Watch Archive Custom : review 
Blancpain Fifty Fathoms (Noob V2)
Breitling Navitimer World (black only) BP
Breitling Avenger Blackbird (GF/ GF V2) 
Hublot Classic Fusion 42mm JJF black dial (V2) - Back is wrong and screws are randomly falling
IWC Portofino White Dial V4 MK
IWC Mark XVII Le Petit Prince MK
IWC Portuguese 7 days ZF (last version)
IWC Black 3714 - ZF V3 (slim movement)
Omega Seamaster 300 Spectre KW/V6F V2
Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m 42 and 45mm (CrPO) Noob
PAM 687 - Acciaio Brevettato SF (only tell is open caseback)
Rolex 114300 (BP)
Rolex Yachtmaster Rhodium/Blue Noob SA3135
Rolex Submariner Ceramic 116610 Noob V6s/V7
Rolex Submariner 114060 No Date B-C Noob V7
Rolex Sea Dweller 4000 (116600) Noob V2 (SA3135 only, get it serviced asap) : review
Rolex Day Date 18239 TW Best/WM9
Tag Heuer Carrera calibre 1887 V6F - Ceramic Bezel Black Dial on SS
Tudor LHD Pelagos - ZF
Tudor Black Pelagos - ZF V2/V3

Under discussion (probably NWBIGs, possibly Super Reps but needs more feedback) :
Breitling SuperOcean SeaWolf H-factory v2
Concord C1 - H Factory
Glashutte Senator Sixties - GF : review
IWC Big Pilot 5009-12 ZF
IWC Big Pilot 5009-16 ZF
IWC 5009-08 LPP ZF V2
Omega Seamaster 300
Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT 600m
PAM 616 - CarboTech Submersible VSF A7750
Rolex Sea Dweller Deepsea (DBlue) Noob V7
Rolex Explorer II 42mm 216570 Noob (Correct Hand Stack)
Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue XF
Zenith Extra Special Bronze Edition V6F/KW 

Very nice rep but refused as NWBIG because of no consensus reached 
Tudor BB Red Rose Edition ZF - V4/V5 see poll

NWBIG (FIRST CLASS) category are very good reps, very close to gen, but with one obvious tell for anyone knowing what to look for (remember this is 0.05% of the population) or with side by side comparison. 
Please note that there are many watches out there that could fit into the FIRST CLASS category. 
This one is only about watches that have been discussed HERE as potential Super Reps and didn't get the status.

I hope you enjoy my dedication and I hope to be part of this incredible RWI forum for long time.
Thanks for reading, please join us ! Any suggestion is welcome.

Credits to the creators of the original list (@timnic54 and @simonjay, @pimlico and @ALE7575 for PAMs) and all the participants of the previous thread (too many of you to name), all the guides makers, reviewers and all of those who will participate here.

Edited by Omagad

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Yay! Rescued from the burning embers of the RWI hack. This is like the treasured family photos you'd pull from your house if it was on fire.

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Thank you for saving it :)

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I always back it up when I update. :-)

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Lol pickle.  Exiles again!  

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Yeah! RWI, RWI, RWI!! We're transforming this forum lol

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We just need the "who needs big tits when you have an ass like this" thread.

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good job!!!

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Damn, you've prepared your supplies and even set up a nice tent while we are out here in the rain.
Good man!

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What the hell is this?

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1 hour ago, RUSH2112 said:

What the hell is this?

Pure beauty. Welcome to RWI.

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Great job ... @Omagad

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Who the fuck are all these members :maggiesuck:

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So glad this thread was saved.  Thanks for the effort in getting this over here and thanks to RWG for having us.

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38 minutes ago, RefugeeRichieRich said:

So glad this thread was saved.  Thanks for the effort in getting this over here and thanks to RWG for having us.


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2 hours ago, Omagad said:

Pure beauty. Welcome to RWI.


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Sup man! Another familiar face.

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1 hour ago, RefugeeRichieRich said:

Sup man! Another familiar face.

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We had been camping in here ... for the last two days!


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Thanks for saving this post. Lol. Always a joy to look at the list of things I've yet to purchase. Hahaha

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Thank‘s mate @Omagad 

the lost brothers and sisters from the sunken rwi-ship are swimming back to the beach. 

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fantastic resource, thanks for saving it and reposting it here!

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Fantastic. Great information.

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6 hours ago, talal said:

what about the Rolex Submariner 116610LN AR Factory to my understanding it has a better ceramic bezel (one of the problems of noob)

what do you all think?




Did he just steal the whole review from DTime website ... and posted as his own ?!?

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@omagad where do you think the Pam 682 would be? The 42mm submersible. I want to buy it but scared that it won't look on my wrist like gen.

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