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6542...........lets start.

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Mystery Shopper

I once got told off for staring at my watch at a meeting I was chairing- she thought I was giving people the hurry up all the time. I wasn't, I just was admiring my watch. I would do the same wearing this.

Congrats on the build- what a beautiful watch. :thumbsup:


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5 hours ago, repmaster1234 said:

I promised better pictures. I think these shall do for now.

I have to think.... but not hard - I'm sure that's my best collection of photos I've seen around here in a while - and there are lots of good ones on this site.

That... I just can really get into that watch. and while I'm a tritium tube guy - the detail of the lume on the dial - how it just looks...  like dough - gonna make bread or something haha  - it's really, really cool. Even the lume shot - if that's all you could see - you'd know there's something special going on with that watch.

Love the date on it too. Hate to say there's a little envy over here, but, there just might be.... :)

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