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MM300 & Merkur Oceanmaster

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First chance I've had to post these two beauties.....

My MM300 on a Strapcode Jubilee and my Merkur Oceanmaster on the Gen Seiko MM300 Rubber.

Both are wonderful watches and I was lucky with the alignment on the MM300 as some have chapter ring, dial and bezel alignment issues.

I must say though for $400AUD the Merkur is great, and I ended up buying 2, one for me as a test and one for my son while he waits for the hand me down for when I get enough saved for the Peacock Grand Seiko........The standard bracelets are both so so, but with Diashield on the MM300 it should last a bit longer. I have ordered another Strapcode Jubilee for the Merkur and a Seiko Gen Ratcheting Clasp as this makes the watch so comfortable especially with the Ozzie Summers.......

Enjoy and I'd definitely buy another Merkur and am just waiting to see his 62MAS versions, so stay tuned......







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I bought the MM300 a couple of years ago. I also bought the Merker Oceanmaster Tuna design, which is a great watch for the money. Now after seeing your pics of the Merker MM 300 design, I feel like flipping the Seiko and getting that instead.

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