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Review - PAM 682 Submersible 42mm

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My collection and reviews so far have  accurately reflected my tastes: dress watches and iconic dive watches. In keeping with my wrist size, I prefer smaller, sleeker watches. As such, I've never really looked at the bigger, chunkier stuff. You can see where this is going...

Furthermore, I was put off by how similar Panerais looked between collections. It was the same old square case and elaborate crown guard. And if you look through the Panerai sub-forum, all models are referred to by their PAM number. Nothing wrong with that, it's just that you really need the number, because they all look alike! Therefore, all the reasons above would explain why I'm not a Panerai fan. No variation. Uninspiring reference system. Oversized. I was damn sure I would not buy a Panerai.


That was two months ago.



One day, a friend and I decided to check out the various watch shops along New Bond Street-Old Bond Street. If you guys live in or near London, it is definitely worth a visit. All the major brands are represented there and some rarer ones too. There is even a H. Moser & Cie section in a nearby department store there. Plus, it is close to Burlington Arcade, which sells mostly pre-owned watches. Many vintage subs on sale there if you want to find the best sub :rolleyes:.  


What? This is the Panerai section? Oh yes, my bad!


So, my friend has well-endowed........wrists and just started getting into watches. I introduced him to Panerai because I felt it would be a suitable brand for him. In we go into the AD and the first watch that really caught our attention was a PAM 01305, a 47mm Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days. It looked busier than a Radiomir but cleaner than the chronograph/regatta models. Seeing them in the flesh really turned things round for me. My mate pulled it off rather well with his larger wrists. I didn't even try it, just from eyeballing it I knew it would be ridiculous. It's like in the porn scene where the girl goes "wow it's so big" or "what am I gonna do with this". Basically that. But with less things going into other things.

But the genius of a salesperson spotted my awe and disappointment. So he whipped out 40mm, 42mm and 44mm models for me to try out.

The Submersible had my curiosity. The smaller models had my attention.


And that change of heart led me to.....


The Gen

The Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Acciaio - 42mm

Quite the mouthful. I think the long name is so that it would put off the likes of the late Handjobhilda. DJ or sub is just easier to say. But, for everyone else, this is also known as the PAM 682.


RRP: GBP 7,500

For me, it is an oddly simplistic watch, relative to my other watches. On the other hand, it is busy, since most Panerai do not have bezels. It also ticks the boxes in terms of what I want out of a Panerai. It has the square cushion-shaped case. It has the crown guard thing. It has small seconds. It has a date function. No sandwich dials though, but that is for another time...

For the newcomers to Panerai, the watch name sounds like a bunch of random words put together. Let's go through some of them with the help of the catalogue (provided by the AD, another benefit of checking out ADs).

The Luminor series was first created in 1993 as the first Panerai collection developed specifically for civilian use. Its case was inspired by the Luminor 1950 case created for the underwater commandos of the Italian Navy. These watches are easily identifiable by their crown guard protecting device thingy.

The Submersible aspect addresses the fact they have added a bezel to the watch. The bezel design by that of the 60mm watch designed in 1956 for the Egyptian Navy, known as "L'Egiziano".

This is a 2009 model which honours the 1956 L'Egiziano predecessor.


But wait, semperfi, what does the Acciaio part mean?  Were the Italian designers sneezing when they said hi?

If only. Acciaio simply means steel. Google translate said so, therefore it must be true.


The Rep

Despite the new interest in Panerai, I kept it on the back burner. I still had many other watches to buy first. Then, @Breesy7's PAM 682 came up for sale and I just couldn't resist.

He actually has decent pics on his sales thread. My review pics, as you will see below, will show more of the phone camera than the watch. 

The rep is a month old and looks brand new. It has passed QC and customs. Convenient!





TD Specs (Perfect Clones)

ITEM NO: PN68201
CASE WORK: 316F Stainless Steel Casework and Bezel in Brushed Finish, Diver Index Uni Directional Rotating Bezel, 1-1 Profile, Finish and Dimension
DIAL: Black Dial, Lume Sticks/Numeral Markers, Original Patina Green/Blue Superluminova on Hour Markers and Needles
BAND: 22/20 Top Quliaty Diver Style Vulcanized Rubber Strap (Antidust Quality) with Stainless Steel Insignia Thumb Tang Buckle

Asian 7750 Automatic Movement, 28800Bph,  Mod to 9010 Automatic Movement, Individual Movement Serial Numbers


Hours, Mins, Secs (9.00 Subdial) Date (3.00 - Set via Crown)

CASE THICKNESS: 16.5 mm  (Correct Thickness as per the Genuine )
CROWN: One Piece Pull Out Crown with Emebedded Press Fit Seal 
CASE BACK: Display Casebac, Detail Engraving on Case Rims, Indvidual BB Numbers with Matching Individual Movement Serial Nos 
CRYSTAL: Dome Sapphire Crystal, Colourless AR coating 

All External Parts can be Interchange with Genuine !!



The gen is marketed as surprise 42mm in diameter. That's it. 

Upon measurement, my watch is 42mm in diameter, 16.5mm thick, lug-to-lug 51mm and lug width 22mm. Decent!



With the larger models, Panerai can afford spaced out designs given the larger dial size. For the 42mm, it is impressive to see how they have scaled down that look without sacrificing too much of the "big watch" dial aesthetic. This has been copied near-perfectly on the rep.


With a relatively smaller dial, they could not have got away with a numerical hour markers. These large dots will do.


The date is aligned well here.


Small seconds at 9 o'clock. The subdial spacing here seems on point.


Swiss brand Italian design Chinese product. Globalised free market at its best.


I love dial shots at this angle. Also a good angle given my lighting problems.


Overall, I am satisfied with how the dial looks. It is striking, minimalist compared to my other watches, but still have some complications.



The movement is supposedly an A7750 movement modded to look like the gen P.9010 calibre. Ah but here is the big giveaway. The gen has a closed caseback like this.


The rep caseback is pretty exposed. But I like it.


Oh look, this is watch 518 out of 1000. That makes me special and will totally get me laid.


Jokes aside, the movement is well decorated and beautiful. I don't particularly care that it is an open caseback. In fact, I'm actually quite glad! :D 

In terms of the movement, I have no idea if this is indeed an A7750. No experience. I have heard about its notoriety but since this has no chronograph function and seconds is at 9 o'clock, it shouldn't have too many issues.


Case & Bezel

The case is marketed at 316L steel. No way for me to prove it. No reason why it would be anything else.

This is a pretty good shot of the bezel and crown protector. Apologies for the dust, my rep factory was just machining through some 904L steel. 


The bezel is a unidrectional bezel, with labelled numerals on 15, 30 and 45. They are crisp. Just doesn't look that way on the photos.




Look at this chunky fucker! Looks like a cross between an oreo and a burger. A nutritious, wholesome meal!




Overall, the bezel has good legibility and the case is of solid construction. There is good weight to the watch. Not a dainty dress watch.



The rubber straps are a dust magnet! Everytime I wipe it off, more just collect on it. At the point of taking the photos, I just gave up. You guys can enjoy the dust in all its zoomed-in glory.

Strap has the Panerai logo which I will admit I only found out when I bought the watch. Prior to that, I recognised it from Kuvarsit's website.

Imagine my confusion when I got the watch: "Oh, what has Kuvarsit done to the watch?! How did it get there!"

Still not convinced I'm a complete Panerai noob?


The rubber strap is of good quality, despite it being a dust magnet.Maybe the dust forms a protective layer against wear and tear. :Whistle:


It says Officine Panerai on the back so it must be legit.


Rubber made in Italy. This is the business.


Buckle says it's Panerai so it must be so!



It has a date function. So you can keep track of the days whilst diving. On a side note, you guys should read up on saturation divers if you haven't already. Pretty cool occupation. They definitely need those helium escape valves!



The crown protector lever goes up and down. Up and down. Up and down.

Also, narikaa has cheekily tampered with my Panerai by engraving his name on the crown protector. Is this a Regnerai or a Panereg? Either way, not sure Panerai would be happy with that on their supposed trademarked crown protector lever thingy.




Gonna go out on a limb here and say... maybe Italy might have won WW2 if they wore quartz instead of using complicated mechanical watches for underwater commando operations?

You see, I have an armchair, so my opinion is definitely backed by evidence and experience.



With my first foray into Panerai, I think I have done pretty well! A brand I loved to hate, is now a brand I hate to lo... wait it doesn't really work that way.

I now have a sporty diver watch, aesthetically different from my other watches. It suits my wrist, has the "big watch" look, clean aesthetic, yet different from the usual Radiomir or Luminor series. This watch will be seeing a lot of wrist time. :) 


Watch propped up by a Swiss Army knife to project the outdoorsy, sporty look that is definitely my lifestyle.


Final wristie shot.


It's funny how my taste has changed within two months. I wonder what will change in the coming months. Would I finally fall in love with Richard Mille or whoblow? Would I ever go for two tone Rolexes? Have you guys gone through changes in taste? Have they been pretty drastic? Has it been for the better or worse?

This Panerai has broadened my interest in different aesthetics. It has encouraged me to seek out looks that I was not keen of initially. Watch this space ;)



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All done. Stupid wifi...

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5 hours ago, semperfi55 said:

All done. Stupid wifi...

Great review, funny how tastes change eh? Steer clear of ADs, that's what I learned here.

Wear it in good health, it suits you...

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Great review of my old watch, enjoy and thanks for the review. 

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Great review ! Now you can go out without the fear of being mugged, you have a big weapon to defend yourself on your wrist ! :p 

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Great reading that however if you saw the gen you know that it is not that thick to start with

Also there is a version with open caseback and now one with closed caseback in gen. Not in rep uet. Which is what i am personally waiting for

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quality review, I'm a huge fan when watches have minimalist design with a slight contrast of say blue hands, the blue second hand is a nice touch, I'm looking to get this cheapie:


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Great review man! thank you!

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@tabuktime So far the whoblow AD has not turned me around, although gingerbubba's Hublot thread is enticing me...

@Breesy7 Cheers! Based on your M2Ms, you have a classy collection :D

@Glaude Exactly, they won't recognise the Panerai as a luxury brand. And if they do, there'll have a PAM shaped dent in their head.

@SuperLory Thanks for the info! I've never seen the gen 42mm in real life, only seen the gen 47mm so have no frame of reference. The closed caseback is beautiful in a different way!

@EBB Thanks! Haha that is classy if not for the brand :lol: Rep or gen?

@VMSG Cheers mate :)



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