Our Member To Member Sales section is intended as a perk for established members of the community and, as such, we have some basic rules which should be observed. Please ensure you read and understand the following: M2M is for the sale of a limited range of permitted items. Please see the rules pinned to the top of each subsection for further info. We are not eBay and we don't charge fees, so we do not wish to become a general purpose 'tat bazaar' You will need to have a few posts under your belt before most of this section becomes visible to you. A few quality posts and you'll be able to access as a buyer, so post a wristie, an introduction thread and join in a conversation or two. It won't take long. ELIGIBILITY:
VIP/Supporters with a minimum of 30 days membership are free to post items for sale. Multiple sales threads or multiple items per thread are permitted. If the total value of items posted exceeds $1000, please contact a moderator for high-value sales permission. Regular members with a minimum of 60 days membership and 50 quality posts may post ONE item for sale with a maximum value of $1,000. The first item must be sold (and marked as such) or withdrawn (again, and marked as such) before you may post another item for sale. (Note that when we refer to 'quality' posts, we mean that we take a dim view of those posting inane drivel just to get their post count up. Those found to be doing so will likely get their post counts reset). PLEASE READ THE SALES RULES PINNED TO THE TOP OF EACH SUBSECTION BEFORE POSTING A SALE. THREADS NOT CONFORMING WITH THE RULES WILL BE REMOVED WITHOUT WARNING.