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SH3135 mods/service

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I’m new to the Rep world, and bought my first rep a ARF Datejust 116234 SH3135.

And after some research I learned that the the date wheel is the ”bad” part of this watch. So I wan´t to replace it with a Roulette.

Now for my big question, can I do it by myself (is there a guide etc), or should I send it to someone? I´m living in Sweden, can you guys recommend someone that does this kind of mods in the area?

Thank you!

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I don’t think it’s a good idea to try yourself. I just tried last week and failed. I ordered the dw from the bay. After I failed I took it too a local privately owned company and he said if I would have just brought it to him he would have done it lol.  Anyways I had him service the movement install the datewheel and the gen hands. I studied and watched tons of videos before I even attempted it myself.  I think you have to have some type of experience before you can succeed especially with the sh3135. Don’t break your watch. Hope I’m not to late what did you end up doing 

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