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Running and playing tennis with Richard Mille automatic rep?

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I am wondering, does anyone have experience with this Richard Mille model?



I really like it, it says it has a 6t51 movement. And is it possible to go running while wearing this watch? Like normal jogging, I run about 11km/h and my arms only swing a bit. Given that it is not raining and I dont fall on the street etc. And I also play tennis, I am left handed with a single handed backhand, could I wear this watch on my right wrist? I always wear watches on my wright wrist. I have a watch cleaning machine and oils. I can completely service and re oil an automatic movement

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Tennis and sports with impacts like golf should be avoided when using whatever mechanical (comprehending) automatic watches.

Running doesn't give hits to the watch so it should be fine, but considering the sweat I'd use a diver with a metal bracelet so that I can safely wash it later on and that will not keep the sweat on my skin like rubber strap ones.

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