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What is and what to do with it?! (Its a FM CONQ GP 9900 Cc LE kinda, duh)

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Well gents I am leaning on your expertise for this one.  I picked this monster up circa 2012 in Kabul, Afghanistan so it has a bit of nostalgic value to me. Its a "kinda" replica of a FM CONQ, SG GP 9900cc LE.







Things I know:


1- Case is steel, gen is erg. in red. Or is Dial wrong color for steel case? I couldn't find a steel cased touby LE. 

2- it is an automatic, gen is manual I think. 

3- one of the FM buttons on strap fell off. (Lost)

4- case back is solid, gen is display

5- Q in CONQUISTADOR is an O. 

6- Touby is not close to gen but it's a rep so what ya gonna do, but it works and keeps decent time. 

Now onto what should I do with it!

Get a new/replacment strap? Get it moded to correct color case (powder coat, electro plate, cerakote), decorated movement? (FM rep, eta unitas, seagull) with display case back or leave case brushed steel and change dial along with other above mods?  Are these mods even possible with this watch? Or just put it in the box for old times sake? This watch is in your face and obnoxious but I love it!  It always starts up a conversation and gets noticed any time a whip it out (more than any other of my gens or reps!)




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HA took a min. but got the photo's figured out. Sorry bout that. 

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