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Spending $1,500 at allswisswatch.eu - Is it a rip off ?

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10 minutes ago, McGilli said:

But... If I got $1,500 worth of Swiss Cheese instead - honestly, I'd be happy with that....

Still... reminds me of me before I found this site....  I was ready  to pull the trigger on one of those sites....  much less $ but these threads remind me of that good time.... 

I was researching for a gen Planet Ocean, then I ran into SolidSwiss or BestReplica. They used all gen stock pictures and advertised their watches accurate down to a nanometer so close to the originals that even experts can’t tell them apart. :rofl:

But thanks to them, I looked more into rep and found RWG & RWI.

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I like watches.

I don't like that one.

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