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1000 Posts - The Story of My Rep Collection (In Pictures)

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On 14/04/2019 at 16:25, Glaude said:


Congrats on the milestone achievement and what a fantastically illustrated trophy you got there ! 

Tasteful collection but some of them will have to be given to me I'm afraid, I like them more than you do ! :giggle: 

Many Thanks my friend, not many left to share!

23 hours ago, Theviking said:

Beautiful collection and photos, a fine achievement. 

Thanks for the kind words.

23 hours ago, RussP said:

A mere 1000 posts???

You must have a life on the side.

Sublime photography of a thoughtfully curated collection!

I love those vintage pieces.


PS : If you tire of that Space Dweller....

Yeah I'm more of an observer than contributor Russ. I do check the site every day regardless of location......

17 hours ago, Ishmael said:

Lovely shots mate, I’d wager the TD’s would sell a lot more with those photos. Looking forward to part 2 to see what you’ve held onto. And I love the under appreciated Cornes de Vache!

Cheers Ish, I'll get Pt 2 loaded ASAP so you can see the current SOTC!

10 hours ago, Thommo82 said:

Best collection of watch pics on this forum bar none 

Really appreciate the props Thommo, great that people appreciate the shooting.

10 hours ago, CollieWobbles said:

Lovely collection, thanks for sharing.

My pleasure, glad you approve.

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