Hello everyone !

To fit the need of a new image hosting platform and since we are getting blocked everywhere because of the heavy traffic we are generating, the RWI/RWG team has put together a new software, very much the same as the one you used to know under the name of Picr.me.

We proudly present you
ClickPix.org is working like the previous hosting solution we had, but this time, you'll see it evolve and some changes to the software are already planned.

How to use it ?

First of all, create an account on ClickPix.org in order to get back to your upload if you need them later, this is an optional step but it will benefit you in the long run

The easiest way to benefit from ClickPix.org is to use the dedicated button at the top of the editor area (the area where you redact your post) : Be aware that if for some reason this button doesn't show up in the editor, a simple page refresh could solve the issue

After clicking on that button, you'll have a popup window opened in front of your screen (be vigilant to allow this popup if you have a strict Ad blocker or web browser)

In that popup window, you will be able to insert pictures from your device (works perfectly fine from a mobile device too). You can do so by multiple means.
The easiest is to drag and drop an image inside this popup but this could be hard to do sometimes.
So you can click directly on the big image in the middle of the popup :

This will open your operating system file browser and will allow you to browse for your images, you can upload a maximum of 50 every minute, but if your internet connection is a bit slow, this mean almost unlimited upload.

You can also click the "Browse from your computer" link inside the popup or the "add image URLs" to transfer an image you saw online (be careful of the copyrights & licence)

Once you've selected your images, they will be added to the popup window for a last control before you upload them

Click the upload button and the process will begin once it's done, the window will automatically close itself and you'll have the links added to your editor :

And there's nothing more to it from the board point of view !

How to use the ClickPix.org website :

If you want to upload pictures directly on the ClickPix.org website, you can certainly do so, but after that, if you want to share them on the forum, you may find it hard to do it without an explanation.

Once you've uploaded your photo or if you have some already uploaded and want to share them, you'll have to find them in your photo albums and once they are in front of you :

You will have to hover your mouse on each of them to select the one you want to obtain the links for

Select as many as you want and then head your mouse over to the right top side of the website, to the Action link

There, select the "Get Embed code" menu, a popup window will open, there you have to select the most appropriate type of link in the list, which will most of the time be : BBCode Full Linked (It's the biggest image type for the forum, with a link to the full size one if you click on it)

Then in the box below it, you'll just have to copy the links and past them inside your editor area on the forum

What happened to Picr.me ?

The Picr.me promise was to allow for a simple, reliable and secure file hosting service, and so far, none of this promise had been broken. But due to the large amount of storage and traffic the website generated, the previous server had issues handling it. In order to avoid breaking everything and lost the number 1 promise of picr : never break the internet like Photobucket did, we had to set up something else.