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Priceless, or worthless. (3646)

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Inspired by @sfa437 's extreme vintage build, I thought I'd have a go at forcing a patina to create that awesome vintage look. (Also nod to @Alhig72)

I wanted to recreate an X MAS 3646. However, my starting point was a Parnis 1936, so it's more of a fantasy watch than an accurate recreation.

I'm still waiting for a Brevet crown and a solid caseback that may or may not fit. When they come I'll write a full step by step of exactly what I did to ruin a perfectly good watch.


Parnis 1936, very shiny.


I'm happy enough with the results that I have reassembled it and am enjoying wearing it about the house while I wait for my other bits.

If anyone recognises this watch it's because I posted a shot of the case in RWI in a vain attempt to raise my post count, as I don't spend as much time there as I do here.

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