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Real 1680 Comparison

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I’ve got a friend’s 1972 red 1680 that I’m helping him sell. Thought I’d compare it to a red 1680 I got from NCRich.

I’m no expert but they look super close to me!

The 1972 had a service about 10 years ago and had the lume repainted on the original dial, the bracelet, insert and plexi replaced.

1972 on left NCRich on right93f45e0eb351047bf051797e482f00c1.jpg




Full kit it has




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Cool, there are a lot of differences.  But some of them can be attributable to changes in the dials over the years.  The crowns and CGs are a bit off.  And his bezel insert is a different era one since its a service insert.

Neat, thanks for doing this.

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