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Ali alternative Isofrane strap mini review

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I pulled the trigger on one of the fkm rubber straps on ali,  just received today. Approx $15, and is quick release. 

Link: €13.25 New FKM 20mm 22mm Watch Strap Waterproof Quick Release Fluororubber Watchbands 

It’s a quick release rubber iso style, quick release pins came out, just unscrew release button from pin and pin comes out easily, without damaging strap. Here it is on the wrist, good quality stock steel buckle (pin not screw bar), last shot is with san martin bronze iso buckle.






Here are a few comparison shots with borealis strap (green on bottom), my current favourite. As you can see the ali strap is a little thicker, buckle side is about 10mm longer than the borealis, and the inside has a textured surface for full the full length. Very slightly stiffer on, otherwise v similar. The keepers are slightly different, second one is wider like an isofrane. Overall the ali strap is excellent value at 1/3 the price of a borealis, which was already very good value compared to isofrane.






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Have now been test driving this new one for a few days and changed back,

 the ali is more comfortable than the borealis.

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