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Guidelines for buying from a Trusted Dealer

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Please be sure that you agree terms with the seller before sending your money - this should include:

a: Ensuring that you know exactly what you are buying (and confirming with the TD by PM or email that the watch you want is actually available).*

b: Agreeing acceptable payment methods before closing the deal.

c: Reading the dealer's terms and conditions before closing the deal.

d: Following the dealer's instructions for completing the deal and making payment.

*It doesn't matter how new a model is, or what the dealers website says, don't assume it is in stock.  Email the TD on the official contact email provided here and ask about the specific model number on their website that you are interested in. The dealers websites should be considered as a catalogue showing what has been made but this doesn't mean the watch is currently in production or that the dealer has the watch in stock. The dealer will check with the factory, confirm that it is available and ask you to place your order. However, sometimes the watch won't be available once the order is confirmed with you and the TD returns to the factory so you should be aware of your options if this happens prior to placing your order and transferring money. This has become much more prevalent in the post-covid market.

In these cases the TD will consult with you as to whether you wish a different watch, some may offer a refund, others may not or be extremely reluctant to provide one. It is in your interests to establish their policy for this prior to placing your order. Also Note your refund may not be 100% due to fees & conversions, this is especially true with credit card and crypto transactions.  When they reply that it is in stock, and if you are really paranoid confirm time frame for them to acquire from factory, otherwise go ahead and order, wait a few weeks for QC and postage and voila - you have a brand new rep. In the post-covid crisis world, shipping has become unpredictable and problematic. Despite the best service and intentions of the TD, prolonged delays are sometimes uncontrollable and unavoidable. Welcome to an addictive and expensive hobby. 


If paying by Paypal DO NOT MENTION RWG, WATCHES, ROLEX, OTHER BRAND NAMES or, indeed, ANY reference to what you are buying in payment comments. This can not only result in the transaction not going through properly, but can also result in both paypal accounts being frozen. Please note that in most cases we will ban people who ignore this instruction.


Once you have completed your transaction, please leave feedback in the relevant dealers' feedback subforum. If you have had a problem with the transaction, please try to describe the issue clearly and fairly, but only AFTER you have tried to resolve the issue with the dealer (if necessary with help from RWG staff). Things do sometimes go wrong and, more often than not, the dealer will want to try to correct the situation. Please note that the board reserves the right to edit or delete unnecessarily harsh comments, although we would only do so in extremis.


REMEMBER: PATIENCE IS REQUIRED!!! You're not dealing with a big e-commerce site here, just one or two people running a small business. They are probably receiving a couple of hundred emails per day, so things will take time - and if they don't have anything to report, you may not hear back from them until they do. Please also remember that there is a big difference in time zones between China and the EU or US, which is also going to delay matters. If you can't be patient, this is not the hobby for you!








If you have a problem with a transaction, your first action should be to contact the seller and try to reach an amicable arrangement. If this proves impossible then please PM a moderator with all the relevant information and they will try to help you resolve your issue. Note, however, that quality of watches varies and sometimes things go wrong or get damaged in transit, so please exercise a little patience. You must also accept that customs can and sometimes do confiscate a watch when crossing national borders. Please read sellers' terms and conditions so that you know what will happen should this situation arise.


Please note that if you open a Paypal or Credit Card chargeback against any dealer/seller here without express prior agreement of RWG staff, you may be denied access to the sales section on this board (for both buying and selling) or possibly banned permanently. Sorry if this seems harsh, but whilst we will always try to protect our members when problems occur, chargebacks only serve to make life difficult for others if Paypal or CC processors should choose to freeze the dealer's account (as can happen). Note that the dealers with subforums on RWG are trusted for a reason - we know them to offer good service in the case of problems and we expect them to maintain those high standards. Therefore chargebacks should not be necessary.






RWG (replica-watches-guide.com), its owners and administrators have no financial involvement with any of the transactions that may be undertaken by members of this board. We do not sell, or benefit financially from the sale of replica watches in any way, shape or form. The Trusted Dealer List, Trading Zone and Collector's Zone are maintained for the convenience of our members only and all responsibility for subsequent transactions lie with the members concerned. We cannot be held responsible for the outcome of sales or other agreements whether between members or between member and dealer. We will try to mediate disputes where we can but do not guarantee the successful conclusion of any transaction made by members of this forum and will not be held responsible for financial loss incurred under any circumstances whatsoever. By entering a transaction with one of our recommended dealers you agree to these terms.

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