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Where to buy VC Patrimony Traditionnelle Chronograph Perpetual Calendar replica

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This isn't about the same model as the OP, but it seems to be the closest at RWG. I've searched for Patrimony Perpetual Calendar with zero results. The reason I'm interested is this beast: http://www.aootime678.com/Replica-VC-Patrimony-Perpetual-Calendar-SS-Silver-Dial-on-Black-Leather-Strap-A21J-63287.html Isn't it pretty? For 148 bucks you get a long list of functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, date (set via Crown), Month and day (set via side recess pushers on case side) .


I wonder how much shonkiness is included? The month and day look a little screwy, but maybe it's a bad angle.

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