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Combining Movements for a Better IWC Regulateur rep

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The IWC Regulateur is an unique watch, with elegant design, as the rest of Portuguese family.




A review of the modified 6497 movement in the rep is shown here:




Although the modification is not perfect, is going to me a much more reliable movement is comparison with other movements (Daytona, Portuguese seconds @6).


The problem of this rep is the back. Follows a picture of the back of the gen:




Here the back of the rep:




The number of flaws is uncountable. In addition, no engraved text, stickers are employed. Even there is a spelling mistake (FSAT instead of FAST).




Therefore, one member asked me to study the possibility of combining two movements. The new movement (on the right) is much closer to the gen. But it has not the modification that moves the hour hand from the centre to 12 position.




That new movement is not perfect. It is a pity… it seems a perfect movement for a previous version of the IWC Regulateur. Please, check these pictures of the gen IWC Wempe Regulateur:






The rep movement is very close to that gen movement.


The difficulty of merging these rep movements consist of the Regulateur has an additional plate (to hold the modification). So “a priori†I had no idea is merging both movements was possible.


Good news. It is possible.


There are two options. One, taking the visible parts from the new movement to the original rep movement. Or, second, taking the modification and install it in the new movement. After a careful study, it is better to install the modification on the new movement. Follows one picture showing some characteristics of the new movement: some visible parts cannot be remove form the movement. In addition, the movements have a different bph.




We have to take and install the following parts:


1.- The cannon pin (taller)


2.- Hour wheel… it is a double hour wheel:




3.- The plate used by the modification, the one which has an A is the following picture, taken for the movement review:




4.- Of course, gear B on previous picture. It is important oiling that gear to extend the life of the movement.


Final result (against another Regulateur rep):




Front view (hands tube have been filled):




Although the movement is not perfect, now the difference with gen movement is not so noticeable. And the new movement is quite pretty.





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I like it :fearlessleader:

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